By Danny Kucharsky

In early December, Zillow announced that it had signed listing agreements with nine additional brokers and franchisors in Canada, including HomeLife Real Estate Canada, Sage Real Estate and Your Choice Realty. They join Century 21 Canada and several other Canadian real estate companies and brokers who previously agreed to send direct listing feeds to Zillow.

“We’ve only been live since early October (in Canada) and we’re actually ahead of where we thought we’d be,” says Zillow Group chief industry development officer Errol Samuelson, adding Zillow is “making really great traction in signing up brokers and getting more and more listings on the site.” now has more than half a million unique Canadian users per month. Launched in 2006, Zillow Group’s apps and website brands receive an average of more than 186 million unique users every month. The Seattle-based company reported more than US$1 billion in revenues in 2017.

But Samuelson said in an interview that many reader comments on and opinion pieces by industry executives published in REM “are saying things that simply are untrue” about Zillow.

One common falsehood, he says, is that Zillow uses Canadian listings as a way to farm leads, which Zillow then sells back to Realtors.

“It is always free,” Samuelson responds. “There’s no cost for an agent or a brokerage to have their listings displayed on Zillow” and “the listing agent never pays for leads off their own listing.”

For no charge, he says, agents can include photos in their listings and provide profile information about their specialties and the areas they serve. Links allow consumers to email the listing agent or click over to the brokerage or franchise website and there is prominent branding for the brokerage and the agent.

“To me, having an opportunity to get additional exposure (and) better tools in the hands of consumers, feels like a net positive,” Samuelson says in response to criticisms about Zillow.

Samuelson says Zillow makes money from its advertising model, called Premier Agent, that allows up to three buyers’ agents to advertise in a local geographic area and appear on a listing.

“The model is if you’re a buyer’s agent and you’d like to connect with consumers who you might be able to represent, you can do that by paying, but it’s always free for the listing agent and the listing broker.”

He adds that the Zillow site clearly delineates between listing agents and Premier Agent ads and that “a lot of agents would agree that it makes good sense for a buyer to have representation from an agent who is not the listing agent.”

Samuelson says Realtors in the U.S. are advertising on Zillow because “they get fantastic returns on investment.” Those who advertise with Zillow “make several times the dollars back that they spend in advertising “and many have shifted to the platform from other advertising mediums, such as newspapers, homes magazines and bus stops ads.

“The Zillow ad platform is a really effective way for agents and brokers to grow their business and do it more cost effectively than some of the methods that agents and brokers might be using in Canada today.”

Samuelson says Zillow plans to show recent Canadian house sales data in areas where it is legal to do so. “We’re going to show it because it’s what buyers and sellers, Canadians, say they would like to see. But we would only do that if it’s appropriate in that local jurisdiction.”

For example, he notes that Zillow does not display sales prices for Texas because of a non-disclosure law in the state that does not allow sales prices of properties to be displayed without owners’ consent.

Joel Shears, director of industry development for Zillow Group, says claims that Canadian laws and real estate board regulations will not be followed on Zillow listings are not true. “We have Canadian counsel who advise us on provincial and federal regulations.  When we sign agreements with Canadian boards, franchisors or brokers, we use Canadian versions of our agreements where the governing law is in Canada, not the U.S.  With our two new Canadian industry veterans as well as myself involved, we take working with boards and brokers and adhering to local laws and real estate practice very seriously.”

Critics such as Beverley Varcoe, broker with Royal LePage Your Community Realty in Aurora, Ont., are not convinced.

“Just Google Zillow complaints, Zillow lawsuits, Zillow fake listings and so on,” Varcoe says. “With such a large company, no wonder they can’t stay on top of updated and accurate listing information.  When I checked Zillow in the GTA, within five minutes I found two fake listings for condo projects that were cancelled.  The agent is posting fake listings to look for buyers.  So here we go with an unregulated website and false information. This is a situation that will need serious research now and in the future.  How are Canadian companies going to enforce any rules?”

Shears responds: “Listings are not manually entered into Zillow; they generally come from a board, franchise or broker feed.  In the specific case mentioned, we identified an issue with one agent who was entering pre-construction listings in his office system, which were uploaded to the national franchisor as new residential inventory. As soon as we discovered this, our team reached out to the company, who agreed to either re-label the listings as pre-construction or remove them entirely as some of the projects were cancelled.”

Shears says Zillow is entering into agreements with real estate boards “so that we have a direct pipeline from the MLS so we can receive and verify data…We’ve signed several Canadian boards already and will continue to expand across the country.”

Varcoe is also concerned about the Zestimate feature, which offers estimates of the value of properties. Zillow plans to bring the feature to Canadian listings.

“What do we do now with this inaccurate information?” says Varcoe. “Buyers will start bringing in Zestimate offers. There were several class-action lawsuits in the U.S. over this issue from homeowners. They said it affected the value of their properties and caused a drop in their market value. Unfortunately, a judge ruled that it was an estimate and not a proper market evaluation. But the buyers saw price and value and didn’t read or understand that it was an estimate. Any brokerage that lists a Canadian property on Zillow will have to explain what is going to happen to their listing on this U.S. real estate portal.  How do you explain a listing price that is different from the Zestimate, especially if it is much higher or much lower?”

According to research conducted by Ipsos in Canada for Zillow, 89 per cent of Canadian home sellers say knowing how much homes in their community sell for is important to them. In addition, 96 per cent of Canadian home sellers say knowing the value of their home is important to them.

Canadian consumers are saying “that they’re very interested in recent sales in their neighbourhood and they’re very interested in what the value of their home would be,” Samuelson says.

Varcoe, an American who has been selling real estate in Canada for about 30 years, says, “The companies that have signed onto Zillow are singing the praises of how much it is going to do for the Canadian real estate industry.  This is supposed to embrace technology, but it only benefits the U.S. company.  Shouldn’t we be pouring all this money into our own Canadian technology and websites like  It is the envy of many Realtors around the world.”

Samuelson says Zillow is planning to make new features available. Over time, Canadian agents’ profiles on Zillow will contain reviews from buyers or sellers with written comments or five-star ratings and, where permitted, information about past sales agents have participated in.

This, Samuelson says, “provides more transparency than other sites.”

The goal is to provide consumers “with as much information as possible so they can make thoughtful, reasoned decisions about what they’re going to do in the real estate space.”

He adds, “a lot of consumers quite simply would prefer the mobile experience that we can deliver when you compare that to”


  1. Tech and big money want the billions of dollars left on the table that traditional real estate hasn’t even clued into. There are billions being spent in technology trying to figure out how to get more from the public. IBuyer companies (true guaranteed sales companies), billions in advertising dollars realtors spend, taking over mortgage, title, and legal processes to make it more profitable and fluid. Tech companies have billions from earnest investors trying to capitalize on the real estate industry. We will lose out and so will the public. And we are handing it freely to them on a silver platter all in fear of being anti-competitive. Wake up CREA, you are asleep at the helm!

    • All correct except CREA has been promoting and Canadian content. They do not support Zillow and free data going out of the country. They have also ramped up the website with great improvements and more ads supporting Canadian real estate.

  2. It seems quite obvious to me that Zillow—by way of capitalizing on the public’s poor perception of real estate agents/registrants—is aiming to become the top dog in real estate transactions by revolutionizing the industry. Zillow does not possess a long-term negative reputation and thus appeals to the public as its savior, of sorts, looking out for the said public interest. However, no well-capitalized upstart business with a long-term strategy for success works for less (a misrepresentation) for any longer than it takes to capture the majority of its target audience in its quest to become wealthy, thus powerful, itself. Zillow is counting on the inexperienced younger generation to fuel its agenda; they put less faith in person-to-person business interactions in lieu of using that thing in their hands that produces instant answers that are never remembered. Technology does not provide tailored advice; it simply provides boilerplate answers to boilerplate questions. People don’t have time—or they don’t think that they have the time—to actually study and consider alternatives any more. It’s become a one-click universe. Zillow knows this.

  3. Dear All!
    A great interactive discussion!
    Beverly thanks for doing so much research and sharing your findings. Our board recently voted on the Zillow issue and unanimously voted against participation.
    Zillow uses the misleading designation “ PREMIER AGENT “ for those agents who are simply the highest bidder for a service Zillow provides. This service is connecting buyers with Buyer agents who are willing to pay big bucks for this introduction, regardless of the “premier agent’s “ability to do a good job for their client.
    What ever happened to hiring a “REALTOR “ who has the most knowledge or experience in a particular geographic area / and or property type, to ensure the successful completion of a real estate transaction ?
    Sometimes it seems whole world is in such a big hurry to connect the dots and move on with a transaction , that they forget the importance of hiring the right person to do the right job.

    Any advertising platform that is not created and maintained by licensed real estate professionals and their designates ….WILL NOT PROTECT THE CONSUMER!!!

    Let’s all of us put some money where our mouth is, and provide adequate financial support for REALTOR.CA so it can become the Real Estate Industries strongest and most sustainable data base and advertising platform.

  4. Yes the the tech world is trying to use technology to cure problems that do not exist. There was never a real estate problem. Realtors had always made transactions easy for the consumer. Quite frankly technology has made many things more difficult. Imagine hooking up with a lawyer you have never met, a realtor you do not know and base everything on an “On Line” platform. Hey lets use data to evaluate your unique property. A property we have never actually seen or really know where it is.

  5. I would like to make a comment regarding the Zillow estimates “Zestimates”. They are pretty useless and can/will fire back “big time”. I am currently aware of a listing in Florida at “X” $$$. A similar unit (identical floor plan) on a lower floor with no view of the ocean and no upgrades (original kitchen from 34 years ago etc.) has a “Zestimate” $ 30,000 higher than the completely updated unit on the higher floor (with a beautiful view).

  6. I invite all of you to review the Zillow model (see enclosed link). Make no mistake – we are offering our listings on this platform to make paying “premier Agents” and Zillow lots of money – not you. Example when a Buyer requests more information on a property it directs them to a paying Premier Agent. NOT you – like realtor will do. Please review this and discuss with your BOR.

    • Good point. Makes you wonder how independent Danny Kucharsky (authour) is when he gives a complete pass to the manipulative and misrepresented quotes in the beginning of this article without pointing out the contradictions in Samuelson saying “Zillow does not charge for leads and leads to listing agent are always free.”

      Why would a REM contributor want to write an article that defends Zillow, but can only do that by leaving out facts and not telling the whole story? What’s in it for him or REM?

      Is there any brokerage signed onto Zillow with more listings than Century 21? If they are the biggest provider, all this needs to come back to them and corporate management.

      • The title of the five page research document that I sent to REM was The Dangers of Zillow in Canada. It outlined the issue of Canadian content and data transfers to an unregulated foreign website portal. It outlined the issues to Canadian Realtors and why we should support the website we own
        This article by the staff writer missed many important points. Right from the heading to the last sentence he was promoting Zillow. I was very disappointed especially considering the amount of time I spent on my research. Realtors in Canada need to promote Canadian content and protect our Canadian business.

        • REM isn’t “promoting” anything, Beverley. Many of the assertions in your document, such as that Zillow isn’t following Canadian laws or regulator rules, and concerns about fake listings, are directly addressed in the article, as well as as your overall concerns.

    • RLP has not signed up with Zillow. Royal LePage is also a Canadian company and having bought the Canadian brokerages from the US Prudential real estate division is irrelevant.

  7. Remember Target Stores, look what happened to them……..I feel the same will happen to Zillow.
    Canada has a very Solid and Trustworthy site for Consumers for Free, it’s called
    No gimmicks, or slick selling…..

  8. I am at C21 and I accept Zillow but I have concerns which are not being addressed. Zillow in the USA created a singular location for consumers to access listings and therefore, met an unmet need of consumers. Canada does not have this “unmet need”. Therefore, the data which Zillow wants (for free) will allow them to use their vast resources to quickly “end run” the average realtor and brokerage and leverage new business models using our data against us.

    iBuy, FSBO, Selling leads back to the highest bidding agent are ALL part of Zillows business plan. Good for them. However, I struggle giving them MY listing data for free. So, I struggle. I think they should pay for it.

    Many of Zillow’s products and services are not hampered by a real estate licenses and it allows them to move freely where the opportunities lie while agents are stuck in the old mud. And, if they get all our data, they will quickly become a leader in Canadian real estate and yet they are not licensed in anyway.

    Zillow is not here to radically change Canadian real estate for the better. They are here to make money from realtors and consumers. The view I have is, unlike Uber, which is proven to increase the market size because more people uses ride sharing and taxi’s because of better service levels; Zillow will not increase sales or exposure to listings, they will simply stick their hand out for a piece of the commission pie – with ZERO risk!

    I am happy they “say” they want to work with realtors but actions speak louder than words. But, Zillow the devil we know now. Be more weary of the devil we haven’t met yet.

    • Zillow is a TROJAN HORSE………..Spend a few minutes reading the website for the Better Business Bureau in Seattle, Washington, USA. Why do we need a foreign unregulated portal in Canada? We have and all the other Canadian websites. A discussion on REM is good because it gives people the chance to do a lot of research on this topic.

      In this age of fake news and foreign interference why would any real estate company in Canada send their listings for free to a foreign company? Look at the new NAFTA that the US has not signed because they are protecting their jobs and companies. Wake up Canada! Who needs tariffs from Canada when Brokers send their information for FREE! Protect your Canadian business and do some research before giving away your bread and butter. The US government has no interest in protecting Canadian businesses. The lack of foreign rules and regulations that apply to Zillow or any foreign company is not only a concern for the Real Estate & Business Brokers Act but also the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the CRTC and so on. Why has Facebook been called before the US Congress for privacy concerns? Why is Canada working on protecting the next election? Wake up! Foreign tech giants have a lot of power. Protect yourself and do some research.

      • Good points, there are many Canadian tech entrepreneurs warning about allowing foreign tech into Canada and the dangerous repercussions.

        Reading the comments, seems like most of this needs to be directed toward Century 21, without them and RLP and Remax what does Zillow have? Very little.

        It could change, but right here right now today Century 21 is playing a major role in keeping Zillow alive or giving them a fighting chance of survival.

  9. why do i feel like they are saying that we are idiots and our listings are there for free and we are idiots because they are profiting from our free listings?

  10. Zillow Offers isn’t directly selling or buying any properties to consumers – 3rd party local brokerages and agents are used in every transaction. Any agent can work for a brokerage that doesn’t send listings to the portals – most do not because their clients appreciate the exposure the platform provides. The duty of an agent isn’t to “double end” the deal, it’s to promote their client’s property to achieve a highest and best offer for sale. Tens of thousands of agents advertise with Zillow and other portals because they see ROI…hundreds of thousands of agents don’t pay Zillow anything and benefit from their free profile, reviews and the buyer leads generated to sell their listings.

  11. If Zillow paid you, as the owner of a no-name brokerage, for your listings, you too would welcome it and even get some of your agents to back you up as well.

  12. Zillow owners are brilliant. Using our listings to create ‘the’ trading platform of the future on blockchain. We’re actually helping them euthanize organized real estate in Canada.

  13. I welcome Zillow the problem with people is that they fear change. Learn to embrace change and go with it. You know most of the negative comments are from older agents that still worship the pager. I understand that they are afraid but in reality i say don’t be Zillow has been in the states for years . Chill out embrace change and prosper or disappear

    • If you will be FIRST in line to hand over your job and current income you are entitled to your opinion regardless of how uneducated it is. You cannot however both make a fuss when your job disappears and welcome a competitor who’s long term goal is doing that very thing.

      Attacking someone’s character or age instead of replying to what they say is a politicians trick. Avoid avoid avoid.

      Yes Zillow has been in the USA for years and lied their way in pretending to be on Realtors side only to sucker punch the industry with “Zillow offers” attempting to eliminate Realtors jobs. What’s your point?!? Oh right you don’t have one!

    • Not sure if you understand their model. This is not about avoiding change. This is about being concerned about the motivations of a profit driven model. You should understand this better than anyone if you are younger. Unless you are like a lot of younger people, where you are fooled by the “Everything for Free” motto. There is always a catch my friend. Nothing is free. You will learn later if you are too young to have yet lived through a few decades in the business world. Zillow has a platform to make money – end of discussion. If the listings are free, then where is the money coming from? Do some research before you start blaming experienced business people with a lame excuse that they just fear change.

    • It looks as though you are looking to change the world, all the power to you. And while you are embracing the wonderful Zillow, they will have no qualms about driving you out of business. It is precisely people like you who are the most vulnerable. The old timers will survive, have no doubt about it.

      • Zillow made a billion US last year. Canada is 1/10th the size so 1/10th of a billion is 100 million! This is how much money Zillow is potentially aiming to collect from Canadian REALTORS to get their cut in the market. That is a lot of money to send south of the border. Why would any agent in Canada want to spend this kind of money?
        What is the point of the new NAFTA to protect Canadian content when real estate companies are signing up to give away for FREE their listings to a US company? Someone please explain this to me. Who needs tariffs?
        Zillow does not charge for leads to the listing broker but they in a pale grey colour in the corner of the listing. The Premier Agents (where Zillow expects to make a profit) have STARS and bright colours to “Call Me First”! Do you know any agents who want to give up a lead from their very own listing? Really?

        • Beverley, Chances are, the owner brokers are not handing out the listings for free. But the agents aren’t getting their cut, that’s for sure.

          Parties who sign up are money blinded. It is their money today vs. industry prosperity tomorrow.

  14. Brokerages CAN control where they allow their DDF feed brokerage listing information. With one click it can be turned off from going to sites like Zillow, Comfree etc who all make their profit off our listings and turn around to say real estate isn’t needed as a result. Listings that realtors work hard through their reputation to generate and get and consumers continue to hire realtors because the complexity of the industry and the fact we bring knowledge, experience and value to the transaction.

    I believe in sharing our DDF with other brokerages in our market but not purely lead sites. In our market Comfree appears above many local brokerages when you google real estate in our city. When you go there it is FULL of brokerage represented listings by our competitors.

    Turn off your DDF or ask your broker to turn it off for these lead sites. Share with other brokerages. Without listings there is NO Business model for them. As others have noted we have If we ensure it is the richest source of listings and sold data – the customer won’t need Zillow and the leads will be guaranteed to go to the listing agent.

  15. Zillow did not come to Canada. Canadian companies went to Zillow. Read the 13 pages of Terms on their website. Any BUYER clicking on a listing on Zillow has to agree to the terms of Zillow. Under the terms it clearly states that all legal issues on the website are only under the location of the US Zillow head office in the state of Washington in the US. There are no Canadian rules in any way, shape or form on the terms of this foreign website portal in Canada. Houston, we have a problem!
    I expect the various levels of Canadian real estate organizations to deal with this important issue. Do the listing agreements across Canada authorize the brokerage to send the home owners information to a foreign website? Does the home owner know where their information is going? There are many legal issues here. Why do we have a regulated industry and then send listings to an unregulated website in a foreign country? Give your head a shake on this one.

    • Great comment Beverley, but don’t you think that our Government is to blame and not CREA. After all who creates laws that allow this to take place?

      • CREA is a trade organization. They don’t make the government rules. REEBA makes the rules in Ontario. RECO tries to enforce them. The Canadian Competition Bureau smacked TREB around last year so people can now post listings for $.01 on the MLS.
        The problem with CREA, OREA and TREB and other boards in Canada, in my opinion is the Competition Bureau. They don’t have the authority to tell a brokerage/company what to do or how to run their business.
        Anyone can give their money away to anyone they choose. This is why a platform like REM and all of these comments are so important for agents to read and understand that they have to Protect Themselves and their Own Business. I can choose to work for nothing if I so choose. If you are a sales rep with a company that has signed onto Zillow than it is your responsibility to research what your broker does and challenge them if you don’t agree.

  16. Why brokers give away listing data free is beyond common sense, unless there is something in it for a broker. Since when does a broker give anything away free. Why does give away information free. Oh wait it is not free Realtor’s pay for it. Realtor’s should get smart and realize the value of their information. What this means is that realtor’s and broker’s are too stupid to generate their own leads. We have to stop giving away everything free.

  17. You call this blurb a fight back?!

    The words “progress” and “innovation” have got to be the most abused words in the dictionary.

    Let’s get real. Zillow is a publicly traded corporation and it is their obligation to their investors to generate profit. Why should we believe they will not implement the same business models and tactics they already use in the States and go even beyond that in pursuit of profits?

    Zillow is getting too close to the transaction. Zillow will take the role of the solicitor between the buyer and the seller. Realtors may still play a small role, similar to that of associates’ in Walmart’s self-checkout lines. And even that won’t be the finish line: Zillow will eventually become the buyer and the seller.

    Give me one good reason why this should not happen.

    Hand them your listings today and that day will come sooner than you think.

    Zillow’s business is not only disruptive to the industry, but is also confusing to the consumer. The only interest they have in mind is their own.

    Wake up.

  18. Ive been a Canadian Broker for over 30 years, I say let’s invest in and stay as far away from Zillow. Those who control the data controls the industry and they just want control.

  19. The bigger question is, why are the C21’s and Remax’s and Royal Le Pages and everyone else jumping right on board with this?

    Corporate brokerage CEOs are equally silent on WHY they are helping Zillow disrupt (aka kill jobs and/or drastically lower salaries) the real estate industry. It certainly does not benefit their “clients” (Realtors), but how does it benefit their long term business when their clients (Realtors) star disappearing!?

    Remember Kodak? They invested billions in digital film technology. What killed Kodak? Digital film technology. Leaders of corporate brokerages, don’t be like Kodak.

  20. Invest in and we won’t have anything to worry about, but if we don’t we will face the consequences. Why is it like a sucking sound in our industry that American companies come to Canada and take a piece of our pie. Think of every major franchise is US owned and now our advertising dollars too will go south of the boarder. When will we count on our own skills and stop relying on and sender our money to the USA.

  21. The goal of Zillow is to make money in Canada off the backs of Canadian REALTORS. Money is the only reason a foreign company will open a branch in another country. Spend some time on Zillow and you will see the paid Premier Agents have STARS next to their names to pick up the lead! We already send billions to Google, LinkedIn, Apple and so on. This is another foreign, American tech giant in Canada! Circle the wagons and protect your Canadian business!!

  22. Get used to it folks, every social media organization wants a piece of the real estate pie and there’s nothing realtors can do to stop it. We’ve given away to the consumer groups and government regulators and why wouldn’t any other organization want access to the same information when they saw how feckless organized real estate resisted.

  23. We have no need for Zillow in Canada. Their presence in the Canadian market creates only confusion for an average consumer. After all, isn’t it better for a consumer to have one credible source of information, along with the contact information to the listing Realtor, rather than someone who knows very little about it – a “premier agent”?
    CREA has been lagging behind with technology, but there has been great improvement in the recent years and I am sure that they don’t want to stay behind for long. Unlike a deep pocket business, their hands are also tied by regulations. Nevertheless, is getting better.
    The government is quick to protect big business like Rebelus from the outside competition, perhaps it is time that they are equally protective of the CANADIAN REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION and all of its members. Why should we feed the outside business, which only concerns itself with the bottom line?
    We are shooting ourselves in the hip (way above the foot), it is just a matter of time that we will see the unpleasant results of that.
    And let’s ask some hard questions of our Broker owners as well, how much money are they getting for the feeds? What benefits the Brokerages will enjoy? There is no doubt in my mind that an average Realtor will not see any, unless they pay big.

  24. BS. We don’t need Zillow to take a piece of the pie and help us sell real estate. We do need to keep a modern

  25. Readers are missing the point about Zillow. Arguments about whether Zillow charges a fee for leads and what is and isn’t free are distractions and misdirection.

    Zillow’s long term mission is to build a direct relationship between buyers and sellers. Zillow is silent when asked how the block chain technology that they’re employing removes trusted parties like the realtor from the buy-sell transaction and how buying a national mortgage company won’t cut out the mortgage broker.

    Zillow never discusses how they see the realtor’s role in 5 to 10 years. Anyone that understands the underlying ‘technologies Zillow et al are deploying AND has an understanding of the Canadian real estate market will see trends and significant business disruptions.

    Zillow needs realtors today to find the sellers. Buyers are already online en masse. Zillow is a deliberately-intended disruptive proptech company. If Zillow believes that the role of realtors truly won’t change, then what’s left to disrupt?

    Once Zillow can show sellers that Zillow can mediate not only the property sale but offer instant low-cost mortgages, house insurance and legal fees, the role of the realtor will change dramatically and many realtors’ incomes will drop precipitously.

    • Real estate in Canada is regulated at numerous levels. In Toronto by TREB, OREA, CREA, RECO and REBBA. Zillow is an unregulated foreign company with no rules infiltrating a regulated real estate industry. How can we help to protect our homes in Canada from foreign interference? Please offer some suggestions.

  26. People like to compare Zillow to Netflix.
    Why would anyone be giving away their listing data to a 3rd party… for FREE? That’s dumb.
    That would be like Disney giving Netflix their movies.
    Which they did, not for Free; but, for a licensing fee.
    Then Disney realized that was dumb too.
    Netflix is basically just a database and website.
    Eventually Netflix started producing their own content.
    How long before Zillow starts producing their own content? They already offer direct in some States.
    Now Disney is pulling out of Netflix, and launching their own website / database / streaming service.
    Don’t license your data for FREE to the Netflix of Real Estate.
    Whomever controls the leads – controls the business.
    Improve and your Brokerage sites.
    That’s what Disney would do.

  27. Not bad presentation … and I am not a fan of the Zestimate or the selling of leads (by non-registrant advertisers)

  28. I don’t think it has ever been legal for a agent to advertise another agents listing with out their approval. So if they take one of my listing put it on their site and one of their so called Premier agents that are paying them to be next to my listing. Isnt that the same as me just advertising another agent property. How is that going to be legal?

  29. “One common falsehood, he says, is that Zillow uses Canadian listings as a way to farm leads, which Zillow then sells back to Realtors.”

    “The model is if you’re a buyer’s agent and you’d like to connect with consumers who you might be able to represent, you can do that by paying…”

    Contradict yourself much? What a joke, how stupid do they think people are? There’s a reason why any USA Realtor who knows what they are doing wishes Zillow was banned. There’s a reason why some USA real estate organizations have considered pulling their listings from Zillow.

    There’s a reason everyone thinks Zillow gets free listings and then sells leads back to Realtors, because that’s exactly what they do!

    If brokerage brands put their agents interests first they would figure out how to provide leads (doesn’t have to be free) to their agents instead of giving listings away to Zillow who will then overcharge to do the same. When it comes to big data brokerage brands LOVE to say that “it’s time to innovate”, well, why don’t they start innovating instead of sitting back and letting Zillow take over?

    On top of all that, “Zillow Offers” buys houses directly from the consumer in the USA. How long until they start cutting out Realtors in Canada? Thank you brokerage brands, you’re really doing a lot to help Realtors.

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