By Nina Doiron

As a service provider, complementing the real estate industry, I make a habit of regularly monitoring new listings as they come on the market.  What I’ve observed lately are shortcuts in not only getting the property market-ready, but also in the overall presentation of the properties.

Here are some of the latest bad MLS photos. Yes, these are real MLS photos. I know that this is not something all agents do but it’s definitely a topic worthy of discussion.

This housing market is nothing like 2017. Prices have dropped significantly in some markets and homes are taking longer than 30 days to sell, notwithstanding the fact that some are being re-listed after a price adjustment.

As I monitor new listings, I estimate that less than half of the properties are being professionally staged.  I wager that cost has a lot to do with the decision not to stage and the fact that it’s taking more than 30 days to sell means that the rental of furniture and accessories can run over several months.

Here’s the thing. In a buyers’ market, a well-shown home still stands the chance of being sold faster and for more money than ones that don’t show quite as well.  In a market such as this, clients require even greater education about how best to market their home so that it can sell successfully. It is important to consider that a staging investment is still less expensive than the first price reduction. Your stager will likely be able to develop a budget that will suit the homeowner’s pocketbook while helping the property look presentable at the same time.

When professional staging is not possible, encouraging your clients to declutter, tidy up and keep the property tidy for photo day and throughout the listing period is a must.

Last but not least, I implore you to invest in professional photography.  First impressions matter. Clients deserve better than poorly lit and poorly photographed photos of what is likely their greatest financial investment.  And, it’s your name and brand that will be on the listing.

Award-winning Certified UltimateStager, redesigner and owner Nina Doiron is the principal at iStage& Organize. She provides an objective and experienced eye to attract more buyers and help sell for top dollar. She will also help you declutter and get organized. She says she will “inspire redesign ideas so that you’ll fall in love with your home again.” Call 416-993-0131.


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