By Fred Craig

If you’re working as a real estate professional, your goal is to help clients find the home of their dreams and to sell their existing property quickly and for a fair price. In Canada, around 14 per cent of homeowners get the urge to move every year, according to a recent survey by ComFree. Approximately 28 per cent of Canadian homeowners want to move every five years or so, which means real estate agents tend to stay busy.

That said, you’ll still want to do everything you can to increase your client base and position yourself as an authority in your industry. One way to accomplish both of those tasks is to partner with a moving company. After all, local movers want to help their clients transition into their new homes just like you do. By combining forces, you’ll create a mutually beneficial relationship that provides streamlined services for clients and allows both of your businesses to thrive.

Smart reasons for real estate agents to partner with movers:

It’s a great way to obtain referrals

While real estate agents have certainly embraced digital marketing practices, word-of-mouth still plays an important role in bringing in clients. With so many real estate firm websites on the internet, reviews and referrals allow potential clients to separate the experts from the amateurs. Going the extra mile and helping your clients do more than merely buy or sell a home can make all the difference. By looking after all of their needs and pointing them towards a reputable moving company, your clients will be highly satisfied with their experience of working with you. And when clients are highly satisfied, they’re going to tell everyone they know about it.

It’ll improve your reputation

In any type of saturated marketplace, it’s important to stand out for the right reasons. You probably understand that concept better than most, since it’s imperative to keep that in mind if you want to highlight an offer on a property or make a listing really pop. But you need to make your own unique traits stand out, too. If you’re able to establish an ongoing relationship with a local moving company, that’s a real plus that not every agent can offer. Not only will you be able to make the process that much easier for your clients, but you can also offer them peace of mind that they won’t be victims of a moving scam or a slipshod relocation. You’ll be able to give valuable guidance to your clients and ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

It can ease client stress levels

Even if you’re working with the best of the best, moving to a new home is bound to be stressful. The anxiety that comes with having to plan and co-ordinate every little component can be enough to cause an emotional breakdown in just about anyone. Whether it’s your client’s first move or their 10th, they’ll want to have as stress-free a move as they possibly can. You can do your part to alleviate unnecessary stress by partnering with a reliable moving company. That way, your clients will have one less thing to worry about and can focus their energy on the aspects of buying and selling that really require their attention. That means you’ll have better meetings and less emotional decision-making, which really affects all parties. Plus, your clients will definitely remember how easy your connections allowed the process to be – and they’ll be sure to spread the word about how fantastic their experience was.

According to the Vanier Institute of the Family’s 2013 Moving and Migration in Canada report, Canadians own an average of 4.5 to 5.5 homes during the course of their lifetime. When real estate agents forge successful partnerships with moving companies, they’re able to help both businesses to grow and achieve the best results for their clients.

Fred Craig is the owner of moving company Craig Van Lines. The Craig family has been providing moving services in Virginia, Maryland, and all of Metro Washington D.C. through four generations. 703-997-2693


  1. Very interesting comment about the risks of recommending: Movers, Inspectors. Lawyers and yet most of us do it.

  2. Illegal in most of Canada. While Registrants can supply Service Provider Lists the moment they take any action a Client could presume it suggests a recommendation, the Registrant immediately blinds their Brokerage and themselves to liability should such recommendation result in less than best case experience.

    In the past few years we have seen Lead Generation Brokerages and low volume/no volume new brokerages seeking to begin commanding market share mistakenly include web content that leads the consumer to believe a certain level of service would be achieved using service providers marketed on those Brokerage sites. That is also outside the requirements of most provincial trading legislation and only happens because regulators fail to do their job of enforcement.

    Even the old supply 3 names and “I am not saying the order of the list suggests who I recommend” wink wink technique has passed the Professional Registrant by.

    A key reason why Consumers should be directed towards using a 20 Transaction Minimum Per Registrant Brokerage is so these false recommendations are protected against because enough Commission is earned to allow full and complete separation from these provincial trading legislation violations.

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