During my travels across North America I have been asked many times, “Why do winners win?”  I have some opinions about this subject. Try this one on for size.

I think there are three things everyone needs to be successful at anything: knowledge,  skills and  desires. Let me explain why I think winners really win. If we look at the real estate industry, we are all working with the same basic knowledge. Now I know you are saying to yourself that the “more you learn, the more you earn”. But did you notice that the people with all the degrees and initials after their name don't necessarily make the big bucks? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you shouldn't keep learning (after all, I would put myself out of business). But just knowledge is not enough. Let's look at skill.

What is it? My interpretation is that the precise application of relevant knowledge in a chosen field, over and over again, will develop your skill. Not only do you need to apply it, but you also need to practice on a daily basis “off the field”. The more you practice, even if not exactly perfect all the time, the more you will develop your skill through sheer volume.

Also remember that “perfect practice will make you perfect”, so the more you follow a script or laid out routine, the better you become. I want to declare this: the person with the strongest desire will ultimately win most often. Why? Because when a person has a lot of desire (goals, ambition, drive, want) he or she will take the time to go and acquire more knowledge, practice every day diligently to improve their skill and will do all of the boring, unpleasant, tedious, negative tasks with great spirit, because they have one or more strong reasons to do better.

In sales, we all know that people do things for one of two reasons: to move away from pain or move toward pleasure. The question is, what drives you? Inspiration or desperation?

I hope with all my heart that you reach inside yourself and come up with a few good reasons as to why you should be one of the winners who always win!  Good selling!


Alex Szinegh is vice-president, sales training, North America for Exit Realty Corp. International.


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