“Try not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value.” – Albert E. Einstein


I’m mystified.  Yes, mystified by why so many men and women enter our industry and expect that it will be easy to succeed without working at being successful.


It further mystifies me when people choose a broker and then expect the broker to make them successful. I wrote about that issue several months ago and had many e-mails echoing my sentiments.


Yes, it is our responsibility to provide training, mentoring and all the sundry support that one would expect of any prudent and responsible broker. But even with all the “bells and whistles,” that each broker can boast of, many agents, new or seasoned, fail to realize one clear fact: If you aspire to be a success in this business, you have to put yourself to work. I believe that Sir Bernard Shaw said: “Education without application means nothing.”

Registrants have an obligation to their broker to perform on a professional basis 100 per cent of the time.


Let’s take a look at three examples of how you can rise to the top in this industry.


1. When you take a listing, service it to the closing and afterwards as well.  The seller represents future business and referrals.  When you take a listing, ensure you do all that you can to stay in touch with the seller.  The most frequent complaint brokers receive is that the agent took the listing, put a sign on the lawn, did an open house and then never called the client back – unless it was to get a price reduction!


2. When you complete a sale, check for errors or omissions on the agreement. Check it and double check it. Ensure that all the paper work is in order. This prevents an “Excedrin headache!”


3. When you do an open house, can you say you were proud that you did all you could do for the seller?  Whether you do it for your own listing or your colleagues, do a “Wow them job” of it.  Do all you can for the seller. I’ll talk more about this in my next column.


4. Are you engaged in working in your community, your church, temple, mosque or synagogue? Have you raised a lot of money for charity?  Volunteered for various service groups?


Say so in your brochures! Tell the world around you what you do in addition to servicing the public with their real estate requirements.


I guess what I am alluding to is that you have to become the leader of your own band.  Stay tuned in to what services your broker offers and take advantage of those tools.  If you engross yourself in what is available and apply it, there is no stopping you from the success that you so earnestly deserve.


And that’s the way I see it from my desk today!


Quote of the month: “A strong, positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”    Patricia Neal, Academy Award winner


Stan Albert is celebrating his 35th year in active real estate. He serves on the Complaints, Compliance and Discipline Committee at RECO, and on two committees at the Toronto Real Estate Board. He is a trainer and business consultant and can be reached at [email protected].


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