I promised that I would report on the response I received to the idea of staging a trade show and conference for Realtors from across Canada, in Stratford, Ont. So here it is.
So far I’ve received about 40 messages relating to the potential of organizing such an event. In truth, I don’t think it’s enough to start organizing a conference and trade show but it sure has been encouraging. I continue to invite your notes and comments.

Not all have been positive. But even those who felt it was not something to pursue, had good suggestions and ideas, which I will certainly give thought to. I did not receive one crass or overly negative message. Those who took the time to write were encouraging, touching and in some cases moving.

One good idea was to begin an annual trade show without grand expectations of immediate success. In other words, start small and if that works, it will increase in attendance by its own merit.

The most frequent question was why do it at all? I will answer that here.
I am not a Realtor and I never have been. But for the last 23 years, I have worked for the industry mostly by publishing REM. I have come to know many, many people in this business community. I am unquestionably endeared to Realtors.

Realtors are important people far beyond the way most people stereotype them. And yet as an industry, they seek no more recognition than a humble acknowledgement of the role they play in the most important purchase of our lives, homes and properties.
A Realtor is the one objective friend you will ever have in the sea of bullies that you are certain to encounter when it comes to buying or selling a home or commercial property.
There are con artists, fraud specialists, and shysters out there who can reduce you to a simple rube unless you have a Realtor looking out for you.
Stop and think for a moment about all the technological innovation that has been developed in business during the last 20 years, such as fax machines, cell phones, computer information systems and more. You need to realize that Realtors were the first use them in every case. And it was always the real estate community that was instrumental in developing them further for the
good of all other industries.
Beyond all the innovations that Realtors have pioneered, and the critical role they play in the process of property transactions, just think of the character these men and women must have to be in this business.
Do you know any other people who would risk their own fundamental faith in themselves before they even start investing money in a business? That kind of risk is the foundation of the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit a person needs to join the real estate community in Canada.
Realtors at once must bring psychological acumen, accounting skills, and legal awareness to every business table they sit at in a home or a boardroom, to name just a few of the tools they must have. Realtors are very unique people. They are exciting to be around. They are emotional rocks for their clients and yet they touch families with gentle tender understanding. If you have a heart made of wood, you cannot be in this industry. And yet, if you cannot endure stress you have no place here either.
Realtors drive civic developments, and they shape communities. They touch every aspect of our business and our personal lives.
The bottom line is this. I know that there isn’t a business, an industry or an association that doesn’t have bad apples. Realtors are no different. But let me tell you, the vast majority of them are good, decent people, brimming with ideas, refreshing thoughts, and exciting stories to learn from.
Just imagine a gathering of personalities such as these from all across the country in one place. Would you want to be in the midst of that?
I would. You’re damn right I would.

Heino Molls is publisher of REM. Email [email protected]

By: Heino Molls
[email protected]


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