By Bruce Keith

Superstar Blue Jays pitcher David Price has a very interesting approach to accepting responsibility. He has a simple seven-word mantra posted above his locker in the dressing room. It says, “If you don’t like it – pitch better.”

What David is saying is, “I am in charge and I can control the outcome.” It’s a great way to look at things, don’t you think? When you are in control, it’s a much more comfortable place to be. Here are three examples where you can take David Price’s wisdom and apply it to your real estate sales business:

  1. Getting more listings signed: “If you don’t like it – present better.” Have a look at your listing presentation. What could you do to upgrade the quality of your material and your delivery?
  2. Converting your leads faster: “If you don’t like it – prospect better.” Some leads aren’t convertible. Have a look at your current leads. Who should you discard? Can you replace them? Are you making enough daily contacts to do so?
  3. Getting better support: “If you don’t like it – raise the bar.” Have a look at both your admin support and your buyer referral system. Are you managing your assistant tightly enough? Should you take on a different buyer specialist who is more committed?

The best part about taking this approach is when you make yourself 100 per cent responsible, you will always be in charge of the results. It’s all about cause and effect. When you take action to correct things you don’t like or things that dissatisfy you, then you will create different results. You’re not relying on anybody else. Just like David Price says, pitch better. No excuses.

Give them hope

“We could not find the home we were looking for so we’re not going to move after all.”

“We weren’t able to sell our place so we changed our mind.”

“We’re not going to make a move until the spring. There’s too much to do to clean up our house.”

These are common objections that really put up a roadblock for most real estate salespeople. Surprisingly, there is often a simple way around this roadblock.

One of the best techniques for handling these objections is to give them hope. The way you give them hope is to ask the “if” question. Here it is:

“Mr. Buyer, if we were able to find you the right place, would you still want to move?”

“Mrs. Expired, if we could get your place sold using my Advanced Marketing Techniques how soon would you want to move?”

“The market is very hot right now… if we were able to get your home sold while you are fixing things up, would that pose a problem for you?”

You then go on to set the appointment and show them ways you can get things done.

Think of it this way: The only reason they have decided not to go ahead is because they don’t think it can happen. When you “give them hope” you are opening the doors for possibilities that they assumed were unachievable.

By introducing the “if” question you are creating opportunities for them… and for you. It’s a great technique to separate you from the competition. No excuses.


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