Web4Realty, which produces marketing software for real estate professionals, is giving a Newcomer and Refugee Realtor Education Grant valued at more than $5,000 to an eligible applicant.

“With a great number of newcomers and refugees expected to make Canada their new home in 2017, Web4Realty has recognized the importance of providing meaningful opportunities for these individuals,” says the company in a news release.

“We understand the positive influence that immigrants and refugees have in our economy and as we continue to grow, we’d like to help newcomers getting acclimated to professional life in Canada,” says Kosta Panagoulias, co-founder at Web4Realty. “It is how we can continue to nurture and foster the thriving diverse real estate community in Ontario.”

The company is offering a grant subsidizing one applicant’s full OREA Real Estate College tuition, valued at more than $3,000, along with lifetime access to Web4Realty’s Real Estate Marketing Software, valued at more than $2,000.

Click here for more information about the grant and eligibility requirements.

“We are proud to help newcomers to Canada in a way that will help build and fuel their future,” says company co-founder Raza Khan. “The value of such individuals is tenfold – with fresh eyes on our country and a unique perspective that only they can provide, we are thrilled to help welcome them into a profession I am so proud to have a deep history with.”

Web4Realty was founded in 2011 and now serves thousands of clients across Canada and the U.S.  It has 12 team members from nine different cultural backgrounds. They consist of immigrants, refugees and second generation Canadians hailing from Egypt, Pakistan, Former Yugoslavia, Thailand, Venezuela, Bangladesh and Greece.


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