This week’s video focuses on helping you set a listing appointment with someone you know is selling their home in the near future. Perhaps you met this person at a social function, an open house, prospecting or casually through a friend. Regardless of how you met, here’s how you might overcome resistance and successfully set a face-to-face listing appointment.


  1. I first entered the business of organized real estate with a National Brand brokerage, quite some years ago. Like any of the more established brands, some of the practitioners were “top producers” and had been around for awhile. I use to make it a point to listen when some of the senior agents were clustered together talking shop. On one occasion I heard one of the more distinct voices rise above the others, to ask the question: does anyone know if Ms top-producer was competing to get the listing on: such and such street.” — the question was asked in relation to a successful competitor. Of course, I had no idea why the question had been asked, so I asked the senior agent who had asked the question, what the heck was going on.

    The senior agent (my colleague) explained to me that he/she asked the question about: whether it was known if the competitor “Ms. top-producer” had been competing for the listing, because the seasoned agents knew “Ms. top-producer” was in the habit of adding fixed dollar sums of value, to a price (list price) that would have been suggested by a competitor, who was also vying for the listing. In other words, “Ms. top-producer” was not above buying the listings. However, the question was primarily asked because the senior agents would gauge if there was any urgency to show these particular new listings, because they suspected that they would most likely be over-priced, as a result of having been bought. The senior agent who explained all this to me, at the time, wasn’t just any seasoned senior agent – this individual was a very respected practitioner, and of some particular and significant notoriety, at the time.

    What Richard Robbins is trying to accomplish with this video — whatever anyone might think of it — is by far the lessor of two evils when it comes to what has gone on, and will continue to go on in the foreseeable future, in this industry. Richard is a symptom of our reality and for now he must also be something of a cure. The newbies are like lambs going to the slaughter, if they don’t have a bonified sales personality like Richard Robbins to help them lock and load and put their helmet on the right way. Some of these lambs might actually have enough integrity to use the truth constructively, and win some listings away from those established war veterans who would physically maim a colleague from the blindside, if it meant winning a new listing.

    Just recently I’ve commented here (REM), on two examples of brokerage produced advertising in Ontario that I find unbelievable, and yet the bold are careful and confident enough not to flinch. Just as when I started, the bold will always be such that they won’t embarrass, and they won’t even try to duck — until they see the big stick.

  2. Same old disrespectful-for-others’ opinions/objections-scripts as used by most salespeople to try to psychologically box-in prospects into their corners by invoking the “yes,yes,yes” strategy. This stuff is as old as dirt. This tactic is also why so many out there despise Realtors/used-car salespeople/politicians-running-for-election etc.and their spin-cycles without substance. As usual, the one making all of the money in this case is Richard Robbins. He will always be busy trying to train the incompetents, the wannabes without substance. He is a smart man in a sea of water-logged fledglings without wings.
    I’m surprised that no one from the power-drink business has come up with the idea of simply suggesting drinking Red Bulls all day.
    “Drink Red Bulls religiously and become not just any bull, but a Pamplona Bull! Let no objectors stand in your way! Mow ’em down with your chemical courage! Take what is yours! Red Bull! The drink of bull-shitting champions!”
    Hey! Who clipped my f—–g wings!

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