By Tina Plett

In Canada, it’s okay to be offended. It might even be a prerequisite to being Canadian, I’m not sure. It does seem that walking around feeling offended about all things great and small seems to be a popular activity.

We ban sports team logos because they are “racially insensitive” and demand funding be cut from sports teams to force submission to such opinions. Forced submission is the same as agreement, right?

We take away Halloween costumes in school because they’re too scary or embody a racial stereotype or reduce Anne Frank to a mere costume.

Even real estate ads can be highly offensive here in Canada.

Like mine.

For real.

Every December I place the same holiday greeting in the local real estate publication. I’m about to describe what it says, so fair warning, this is about to get really offensive. The greeting says Jesus’ name four different times and declares Christ as the reason, not just of the Christmas season, but the reason for my faith and for all that exists. I believe Jesus, and He is the core, driving reason and motivation for every value and moral and decision I make. Love. Peace. Grace. Forgiveness. Eternity. These are at my core because of Jesus.

Sorry if that offends you.

Anyway, after placing the ad, I got a phone call. An angry one.

Someone had been deeply and personally offended that I would declare such things aloud and muddy up a business publication with such nonsense as Jesus’ name. They said something like, “I’m offended by your ad! Keep your religion in church, this isn’t the place for that.” Then they added a promise. “And I will NEVER buy a house from you because of your ad. Just wanted you to know that.”

If the phone message this woman left didn’t offend you, I’m glad.

But this part might. When I heard the message, I kind of laughed to myself. Did this stranger really, honestly think I would change my whole business because of her opinion? That I would tremble in fear and never place my usual holiday greeting because it hurt their feelings somehow? Or perhaps she thought her threat would cause me to cower beneath the table, questioning whether or not faith and work really do go together.

Kind of presumptuous of her, isn’t it?

I mean, if someone has a problem with something I’m saying or doing, I’ll absolutely consider it. I do care about how my actions and inactions affect others. But I’m not going to hop around like my feet are on fire just because someone has a loud or abrasive opinion of me and isn’t afraid to tell me about it. If I change my direction every time someone tells me I should, if I’m moved by every wind that blows, then who the heck am I?

But here’s the thing, and the whole reason I’m talking about this at all.

Opinions don’t define you. (Or at least they shouldn’t.)

Opinions are just that. Opinions. Everyone’s got one, at no time do they all agree, and every opinion is subject to change. Take them with a big grain of salt. I mean, that same day, someone else called with an opinion about that same holiday greeting. You know what they said? “Tina, this is amazing! I love this ad! It made my day!” She went on to tell me how she’d cut it out and kept it. That’s how much it had meant to her.

So, who was right? Whose opinion should I choose as truth?

The reality is, despite the highly offended nature of our culture and every single person around us, who we are is not found in people’s opinions. (And if it is, we’re in a big, deep identity crisis.)

All this to say, know yourself. Know what you stand for, what you believe and why.

Then do the work of sorting through how that fits together with your work.

For me, faith is a core part of who I am. Really, what we believe is at the core of each of us and drives all of our actions whether we’re aware of it or not. Everyone has a worldview.

With a fresh new slate of a year starting, it’s a perfect time to reflect on who you really are, outside of cultural pressures or public opinion. I invite you to explore your own personal foundation. I hope, as you do, you find the foundation is the bedrock of truth, from which true hope, love and peace spring forth.

May Jesus bless you richly with wisdom, peace and the strength that comes from knowing you are His.

That’s right, I said Jesus.



  1. There is an Extreme Cold Warning in Manitoba today. I read that the wind chill factor is -51. I choose to believe that is true and have no intention of experiencing it. I got a small indication when I let the dogs out. They love to play outside but they came back in record time! So even as a spectator I can tell that the cold is real. My husband just text me. He is convinced about the degree of the cold because he is experiencing it. Maybe there are people in other climates that believe that it gets that cold and others who dismiss that because they cannot fathom it. Be sure of this. Anyone who has ever experienced frostbite can never be convinced that it wasn’t freezing cold.

    So it is with God. We can hear about him. Read about him. We can know Bible stories. We can dismiss the existence of him. We can believe that He exists but not experience him in a personal way. However, once someone has experienced the Spirit of God they cannot be convinced that He does not exist. Arguments don’t remove the life changing experiences that have happened. Miracles happen. Those who experience them or witness them will more sure of God than others.

    This may surprise you but I did not grow up going to church or being taught about religion.

    I actually heard the story of Jesus and his death and resurrection when I was 17. By then I had done all of the things every country song told me was wrong (music was my moral compass) and I was a miserable heart broken girl. I made a choice in faith to believe in His power to forgive me because I wanted that so bad. My guilt and shame was eating me alive and I could hardly sleep at night. So, I said a simple prayer and asked God to forgive me and asked Him to live inside me by His Spirit and lead my life. I felt a weight come off my body and I slept in peace.
    I am now 54 years old. I have experienced God in various ways. I have had supernatural peace during a time of crisis. That was the most powerful thing. It was evident to those around me. I am addicted to that peace. I don’t belong to a religion but I have never doubted God since the day I invited Him into my life.

    “All this to say, know yourself. Know what you stand for, what you believe and why.
    Then do the work of sorting through how that fits together with your work.”

    Brian Graves knows what he believes and why. I know what I believe and why. Both of us have had the freedom to express that. Neither of us can be swayed by words. More than likely we will both walk away from this conversation more sure of what we believe.

    This article was not intended to start a discussion about whether or not God exists. Thanks to the freedom of speech, we can rabbit trail from any point. It is natural.We are very fortunate to have the freedom in our Country to talk with both men and women, to co exist with every religion, to live amongst every nationality, together.

    • I believe in Reality, not mythology. Everything I believe is real, like your bitter Manitoba cold. Nothing you believe is real. That is why is is called “belief/faith”. Because there is no reality to those beliefs, that faith. Believe as you will, as you choose. Just be aware, if you take those beliefs into a public forum, more rational people will point out your emperor not only has no pants, but no body upon which to wear them. Cheers

      • well.. the REALITY is that unless you are the all knowing deity that you claim does not exist. then faith is inescapable. Faith is a fundamental part of the human condition… you can’t possibly make it through a single day without some kind of faith…

        Nobody has complete proof that:
        his food isn’t poisoned
        he won’t die in a car crash on the way to work
        his friends aren’t engaged in a conspiracy to harm him
        the accuracy of his own memory
        Indeed, nobody has complete proof of even more fundamental things, like:
        the law of gravity won’t suddenly stop working
        the sun won’t explode today
        the existence of the external world
        the existence of other minds
        the axioms of logic
        But this doesn’t stop people from acting on and believing precisely these things.

        The fact that something exists instead of nothing… and the fact that all we see is governed by “laws”…of nature, etc… what is the best explanation other than an intelligent designer?.. and even if you could explain the natural mechanism by which these things came into existence… then how do you explain the existence of that mechanism? … it all comes back to an all poweful first cause… which is referred to as God.

        .. you say there is no proof.. but when provided proof you deny it exists… with that line of reasoning you could deny the existence of anything regardless of how much proof there is… you end up with a closed circular self fulfilling irrational line of thinking.

        • “you end up with a closed circular self fulfilling irrational line of thinking.” The exact definition of religious beliefs. Intelligent design has been debunked by much more capable people than my own humble self: ““If everything was designed,” Hitchens asked, “what are we to make of the designer who has subjected so many generations to barbarism, misery, ignorance, slavery and early death?” From:, There is nothing intelligent about ID. Rather it is a desperate attempt by people who believe in mythological beings to give those non-existent skeletons flesh. The argument in favour of a god was ended when the first lightening rod was erected on a church. This was futher enhanced when religions established hospitals…sotto voce admission prayer doesn’t work and there is nod god. The Vatican further admits this by putting the putative god’s spokesman in an armoured car. There is no god, jesus is a myth and bible adapted from earlier pagan beliefs, as most of xianity is.

          • Brian, surprisingly we agree on something! Religious hospitals are, in my opinion a surrender to the enemy of our souls. Wheel chairs in church services similarly bother me. Problem with we, His followers are we are not perfect but some of us are able to draw closer and understand that HE, Jesus has given us power… a lot of it! I have seen at my own hand the healing of a blind man who now sees, the healing of a 27 yr old gal who had ovarian cancer and who now has NO cancer markers in her body. This by the way is an impossibility as when cancer goes into remission, the markers slowly reduce to the point where the immune system can handle the cancer! A youth who was staying in our home for a while had a multiple skull fracture and could not think through much of anything. He became seriously frustrated so I asked if I could pray for him & he agreed. Moments after prayer, his brain started to function at full force. Same lad was deaf in one ear as a result of one of the fractures crossing his ear canal. I prayed for his ear to be unstopped and moments later he could hear though just a little. 20 minutes later his ear popped and he could hear a lot more. I could keep going for pages but you will either believe of not. Because of what I have seen of your responses, unfortunately I am not sure I have enough faith to believe you will hear. This is because until your are born again and have God’s Spirit living in you, it is impossible for you to understand. These are spiritual matters that are impossible to understand without God’s help… and he doesn’t force himself on anyone. You will only find him if you seek for him with all of your heart. There ends my sermon for the day! I pray for you that your spiritual eyes and ears would be opened and your darkened understanding would be filled with “the glorious light of Christ” If anyone wants to chat regarding anything I have said, my cell # is 250-217-4600

  2. To Brian Graves:

    It has been a great deal of fun for me to debate the issue of the existence of god and a fellow by the name of Jesus (as we know him) who was a Jew who went by the Jewish name of Joshua/Yeshua, or versions thereof.

    Tina Plett’s lead article was an interesting one which ended with an uplifting wish for all to be able to enjoy their lives as time moves onward. It was Tina’s good hearted psychology that you ultimately attacked.

    Your position that Jim the-editor-guy was wrong to publish Tina’s’ piece herein was simply one person’s opinion amongst many other’s opinions who alternatively thought that publishing the article provided a benefit for the readership. Positivity trumped negativity as the vast majority of the respondents’ replies proved.

    Your ongoing responses to my replies to yours has proven at least one thing—among potentially three things of concern—beyond a reasonable doubt; you either do not read carefully what I have said, or you cannot remember what I have said, or you do not bother to check back on what I have said before you incorrectly state what you think that I said.

    Here is your post dated Jan. 27, 2019 at 11:56 am:

    “Oh my. Seems I have pissed in your cornflakes. ROTFLMAO! Scotty will be of no more aid to you than your imaginary god.”

    Are you running out of ideas when you parrot what I said in rebuttal to my cornflakes remark? Can’t you think of and steal someone else’s saying like I did? Your response smacks of laziness of thought.

    I never said that I believe in god, or conversely, that there absolutely can be no such entity as a god (as believers view him/her/them to be) or alien beings. Exploration of the wide open spaces out there is revealing very interesting discoveries regarding the possibility that other life forms just might (likely do) exist beyond our current sense of comprehension. Your position categorically denies all such possibility.

    I said that I believe that Jesus/Joshua was a historical figure, that he actually existed as a human being. You have lost track of the argument. You are conflating the two; I am not. Apparently this is all too much for you. Maybe your comprehension of the written English language is sub par? If English is not your first language, then you are excused.

    Then, you apparently think that I am serious with my “Scotty” remark. Seriously? Are you that angry as to be blinded to a very obvious attempt at providing some levity to the debate? Are you naturally an angry person?

    You come across as a very close-minded individual who absolutely must convince himself that he ‘must’ be right, ‘else who ‘is’ he anyway? Try something new. Open your mind to the potential for new possibilities, new vistas. Who knows how the story of human beliefs will end? I don’t know, and neither do you. Of that you ‘can’ be sure.

    • Well, we have both enjoyed it then Brian. Whether you speak of Yeshua as an actual historical entity or in the sense of the xian myth is irrelevant because there is no evidence in either case. I am not responsible for how you choose to interpret or perceive things or me, nor do I care. I must say I find it quite amusing you find reality to be negative and mythology positive.

      It strikes me it is not me with the closed mind.

      Your unceasing claims to believe me angry reflect the standard xian reply to having their unfounded challenged from facts and history.

      It is not a matter of having to be right. I simply provide facts. If the faithful are unable, unwilling or fearful of accepting and understanding those facts, it is of no moment to me.

      Angry, no? Amused certainly.

  3. Thank you for speaking up about an issue that has seen our public discourse deteriorate at an alarming rate. The comments to the article are sufficient evidence that this problem is real and growing. Your courage is evident; please do not let the bullies silence you or quiet your voice.

  4. The holiday season is a busy time for social workers, psychologists and health care workers in general. All of the religions have caused harm as well as good. And family gatherings or lack of invitations are often causes of great hurt, or flash points to past hurt and secrets. Part of what I find about people being +offended+ more these days is due to the simple fact that there are less taboo subjects. This causes people to discuss how certain language is a trigger. What most of us could do for our friends and family is listen attentively – just like you should be doing with your clients.
    Relax, practice what you preach, and don’t add fuel to the fire when challenged. You don’t HAVE to be right do you?

  5. Not sure how this article pertains to real estate but it’s not my publication to publish only what I want to see.

    But I do wonder how Tina and all the Brian’s would feel if someone else wrote their holiday letter and replaced “GOD/JESUS” with “ALLAH” and it was laden with their belief that it’s not a CHRISTmas tree, that there was no birth of a baby on Christmas day and they laughed in the face of anybody who expressed a different set of SPIRITUAL ideals/beliefs/traditions. I wonder if they would be so tolerant. Food for thought.

    It’s a sad statement that the most vocal of responses to Tina’s article thus far are defensive , whether defending a Christian based belief or trying to convince others there is no God of the writers choice.

    The REALITY is “who gives a rats ass” what someone’s belief system is. Because as long as you’re not hurting anybody at the end of the day, KINDNESS IS THE ONLY RELIGION!

    P. S. Discussion and differences in beliefs can be expressed without name calling. When you resort to name calling, you’ve crossed the line from healthy conversation to aggression. Your right to an any opinion at all quickly loses any validity in the face of such pettiness.

    • Unfortunate, that this entire comment section was sent into the toilet because of one nasty participant. But then again.. was this not the point of the article?.. to demonstrate exactly what has taken place here?

      The point was… are we tolerant?… so ask are you offended by this article?.. and if you are… why? … so you differ in your opinions.. .why is it so important to go on the attack? … and can we blame anyone for defending themselves when attacked ? … or is defending a point of view now “offensive” as well?

      • Quite frankly religious beliefs have as much credibility as any other conspiracy theory, none of which have any. If one wishes to discuss such things, then one should go to those sites. As noted earlier, this subject has no business whatsoever on this website.

        • I support the right to have this topic discussed here. I often skip the comments online as the posters are often very angry and mean. (On both sides ) .and I also support the right for me and others to discuss LGBTQ+ topics on this site. These are humanity in action. And anyone can learn from others if they chooses to. I am thrilled that I have clients from all over the world from multiple faiths and they continue to hire and refer me, the Gay Uncle agent.

          • Well good Blair. I am glad you have found clients of many faiths who don’t care if you are gay, just that your provide a good service. That is as it should be. Many of the posters here howver, wouldn’t be so open-minded. Nevertheless, it strikes me this forum is supposed to be dedicated to RE matters.

        • What is being presented here in the article.. is the idea of living in a society where people can have personal beliefs and be guided by them in our work life without being attacked?…. seems you missed the entire point of the article… and clearly you are fully engaged in an attack campaign… if you want evidence go somewhere else.. the internet if full of places where smart people are discussing evidence for the Christian faith. The idea that Christ never even exist has been fully debunked a long time ago… really is a silly thing to even discuss… there are at least 8 contemporary scholars and other documentation outside the bible .. do your research.. you demonstrate a complete lack of intellectual integrity.

          There is certainly plenty of evidence for the existence of God… I mean how to you explain the face that something exists instead of nothing?… if you see a book on the coffee table,,, do you think it happened by accident?… is that not evidence of an intelligent creator?…would you require that you have hard proof that the book had a creator?… or would you think, well the fact the book exists in and of itself not be evidence that the book had a designer?…. you are clearly just another typical atheist who goes around the internet venting your anger

          • It remains amusing that every time a theist has their baseless beliefs challenged by rational people, the rational people are accused of being “angry”. There is no extra-biblical evidence for the imaginary man. I explained that quite clearly in an earlier post. There is no god and you can’t prove me wrong.

        • Seriously Brian Graves, are you a jail guard, or a wannabe censor?

          Jim the-editor-guy decides what appears on this site. You have expressed your opinion in that regard, and it falls on professional editor’s ears which rightly play deaf to your direction.

          Maybe you should fill out a job application and try to take Jim’s job. Wait…strike that idea. Judging from how you have consistently come across via your words herein, I would suggest that you simply stomp into REM’s headquarters and demand to be appointed censor-in-chief…immediately! Demand your due! Include within your resume’ (If you think you need one) such herein revealed personality traits as: intolerance, subjectively opinionated whose opinions ‘must’ be heard by all, naturally indignant, humourless, arrogant, lonely, angry by nature, always on the lookout for things to build one’s ego up with by way of Grinch-like shooting down of others’ beliefs and vehicles of enjoyment etc.

          BTW: Who pissed in your corn flakes last week?

          Do they get pissed on every morning?

          If so, maybe you should stop eating them.

          Start you own website why don’t’cha? Maybe you could talk about something like how ‘all’ humans are indoctrinated by ‘everyone’ including parents, teachers, politicians, bosses, friends, religious leaders, atheists etc, all dependent of course on where one is born, when one is born and within what cultural background and what geographic area one is born into, all of which is beyond the control of the children so born. What would you do about that, only allow the birth of those about to be born where and within what backdrop of indoctrination that you approve of? Does a hegemony of thought appeal to you?

          You are a dictator by nature. That is what you get when you cross a penis with a potato. The question is, which one were you prior to the hybridization?

          Tina comes across as a happy, well adjusted person, in spite of her spiritual belief in something that you do not believe in.

          Not wasting any more time on you buddy. You are a lost cause…and a right fighter…which makes you an unhappy loser.

          Beam me up Scotty…for the last time.

          • Oh my. Seems I have pissed in your cornflakes. ROTFLMAO! Scotty will be of no more aid to you than your imaginary god.

    • (Another Tina). You are making a good point by inserting another religion. However, to complete your comment please let me add that Muslims believe in Jesus Christ as one of the Prophets, just as they believe in the Old Testament. My Muslim friends all say “Merry Christmas” and the vast majority celebrate (tree and all) the birthday of Jesus Christ. I agree that kindness is the way to go and that can be done within or outside of “organized” religion.

      • Thank you for your post. Finally a voice of sanity in a sea of rabid self-righteousness. All this anger and we have never actually seen the text of the Ad that the original writer was speaking about. Maybe it truly is offensive.

      • Nearly five decades ago, I had the honour of being the editor for a textbook used in high schools subsequently, for many many years. It was published by Ginn. I also designed the book, chose the cover, the stock (paper), typestyles, etcetera. I didn’t often do that part of the process. It was a nice project.

        I believed lots of sidebar space would provide an opportunity for associated reader / student note-taking in the moment. The title was World Religions. I forget the author’s name. I had my original gratis copy until a couple of years ago in my large wall of books. Someone stole it.

        I hope they learned something from it. The textbook was merely a brief overview of the various religions as we understood them back in the more genteel days of the early 1970’s, in Ontario.

        Another time and another place (less violent and critical time in our lives here in Canada). For ex pats who maybe moved away round about that timeframe and would come back now, they wouldn’t recognize the country they left.

        Carolyne L 🍁

    • You nailed it. ‘KINDNESS IS THE ONLY RELIGION,’.
      That’s the real meaning of ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ and if you add ‘Love the Lord your God’ then you have completely wrapped up everything about Christianity. It’s truly that simple. It’s us complicated people that complicate it. Just love, be kind. The rest He already did for us.
      Great job Tina and other Tina!

  6. I am so sick and tired of people being offended by every little thing that is something they don’t agree with. What ever happened to live and let live? I, for one, love Tina’s ad and her belief. If I felt differently that would be ok but I would not be offended by her ad, I would just disagree. Seems to me that it is a “thing” today to be offended and to huff and puff about it and take great pains to tell everyone how offended you are and how wrong they are.

  7. For those open minded enough, there is a good article, among many others that can be Googled, entitled “What is the Historical Evidence that Jesus Lived and Died?” Food for thought.

    • Fact is Brian, there is no evidence jesus ever existed. Yes, your apologists make up all manner of comforting yarns to try to substantiate the myth. But if one is open minded enough to look at the historical, rather than the biblical facts, history does not know the man. No historians who were contemporary to the time made any mention of such a rabble rousing rabbi. Nor did the Romans, though they left some records of fairly common criminals being hung up to dry. Perhaps most interesting, the Essenes made no mention of such a person at all and they were completely involved in the religious politics of the time and left extensive records you may know as the Dead Sea Scrolls. When the RCC discovered this fact, they refused to let authentic scholars, ie non-catholic, see the scrolls for over 30 years! To sum up, there is absolutely no extra-biblical evidence whatsoever to substantiate jesus as an historical person. One with an open mind might wish to consider that fact.

      • Now your memory is failing you at an alarming rate or you didn’t read the link I posted for you. Go back & check it out or better yet learn how to do a Google search. You will find LOTS of evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was very well known to the Romans who did not like him and daw him as a challenge to their government. Again, why are you railing so hard against “someone who is a mith, who never existed” according to you???

        • Because it is fun to watch the faithful squirm in the face of facts and history. Reading your link would have been as productive as reading the bible. Besides I read and discounted him as anything but another apologist long ago. I have done extensive research over many years and have yet to find any evidence your mythical man existed. Many claims, many fancy theeories, many false claims, many forgeries, but not one fact. Do you not think if the RCC had any solid proof of such a person being real they would not trot it out and trumpet it to the stars. You may have noted the deafening silence from the vatican on that matter. There is a reason what you believe is called faith and that is because there is no fact attached to that belief.

      • Brian Graves:

        Within a few decades of his…(Joshua/Jesus)…supposed lifetime, he is mentioned by Jewish and ‘Roman’ historians…”.

        Roman politician Tacitus, who held one of the highest positions of power in the Roman empire within the second century A.D., wrote that Jesus was executed while Pontius Pilate, prefect in charge of Judea (Ad26 – 36) and Tiberius was Emperor (AD14 – 37) – these are ‘non-biblical’ reports that fit with the timeframe of the gospels.

        The two mainstream historians who have written most against hypersceptical arguments are atheists: Maurice Casey (formerly of Nottingham university) and Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina). They have offered stinging criticism of the “Jesus Myth approach”, branding it “Pseudo Scholarship”.

        The above statements taken from “What is the evidence that Jesus lived and died?”

        I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a course in university (whilst pursuing a degree in politics) that dealt with Primitive Christianity. The content of the course dealt with whether or not Joshua/Jesus was the son of god, and whether or not there was/is a god. The course reasoned that there was/is no god…BUT…it acknowledged that Joshua/Jesus ‘was’ a historical figure who lived amongst the people of the day. This course was taken during the 1983-1984 semester. The knowledge since gained about the millions of galaxies with their own “Goldilocks” habitable zones— referred to in an earlier post by me—was unknown then.

        The Jews of the day apparently knew about our subject person, and they despised him (so their writings state). The Romans apparently knew about him, and they likewise despised him, and executed him (so their writings state). One very likely has to have lived to be so despised and executed….and endlessly written about as being a real person by believers and non believers alike.

        The Jews referred to him as the illegitimate son of Mary. One has to have existed to be accused of that.

        The question then becomes: Was he what Christians believe he was?

        That remains a matter of belief.

        Your anger ought to be directed toward only those individuals rightfully deserving of it, and not toward everyone else not deserving of it whom you would tar with a very broad brush. There are a great many voluntary Christian organizations peopled by Christian believers that operate throughout the world that help the needy, the poor and the non-believers alike. There are a great many good people working for good amongst a few bad apples, and that dictum holds true everywhere, all of the time.

        I direct my anger toward crooked real estate salespeople all of the time herein, but I do not say that all real estate sales people are crooked. There are a great many good real estate sales people.

        People who believe in what contemporary science currently holds out to be superstition can live just as good lives as those who believe to the contrary…maybe even better if they genuinely ascribe to the tenets of their beliefs. And after all, our laws are based upon Judeo/Christian teachings.

        • This is very amusing Brian. Someone making a claim a “few decades” after the alleged time is not an eyewitness, he is a gossip-monger at worst and stating mere hearsay at best. There are no contemporary-ie from the same time-accounts of your mythical Yeshua. It should be noted as well that references by the likes of Tacitus and Josephus have long ago been proven to be later interpolations by xan apologists trying to put flesh on an imaginary skeleton. Even the RCC eventually acknoweledged such comments were later forgeries.

          Why do xian apologists always assume anyone who deals with reality and not mythology is angry? Transference I suppose.

          Our laws Brian are based more on the Code of Hammurabi, which is one of the many pagan sources xians looted to put together their Frankenstein religion. As noted in a earlier post, mankind lived by similar rules, knew empathy, care, honesty, compassion etc 10,000 years or more before xianity was invented. Even chimpanzees and elephants show sympathy, empathy, compassion and they are not even aware of your imaginary man and the silly bible.

          • Brian Graves:

            So then, please explain from whence Christianity emerged. Was it from nothing? Who initially made it up? What is your eyewitness evidence to refute your alleged non evidence? Prove your case. Prove that this guy did not exist. Stop acting like a god.

            We are waiting.

            In the meantime…life goes on.

            Over and out…

            Beam me up Scotty

  8. I am smiling. I love that we can have so many varying thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and humour. Doesn’t that make the human race fascinating? Whether a subject becomes a conversation or a discussion or a debate or an argument will depend largely on the personalities of the people who are involved.

    I like that we can challenge and be challenged in our thoughts and beliefs. It is good for us. That is how we learn and grow and change.

    If we were in a room together I would be asking so many questions! I would be fascinated to know more about each of you.

    What a diverse group. You are all expressive. You remind me of my friends. Yes, I also have gay friends. However, whether you are a man or a woman, Christian or agnostic, if you hit on my ruggedly handsome husband then our friendship has seen its expiry date. Lighten up, that was supposed to make you chuckle (as well as see that my relationships have boundaries and they are not based on what sex you are, or race, religion, age, lifestyle, marital status or personality).

    Here is a few things that I find no one has anything against: Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

    Truth be told, I am more likely to be part of a discussion where someone needs to vent (than to discuss gentleness). And just today I totally misunderstood someone and now i have foot in mouth disease.

  9. Wow… great article…that is completely reinforced by the comments of the intolerant haters in this comment section. The irony of it all… well said.

    • Interesting that the xians here have expressed more hate than on any other posts. They simply cannot handle the reality there is no god, jesus is a myth, xianity has pagan roots and the bible is man-made and inspired. Full of contradictions, lies and myths.

      • Yes it is very true the atheist only has grim and dark realities… no explanations of origin, meaning, or destiny… but yet something instead of nothing exists. No wonder you can be such a grumpy bunch. Have a great day.

        • Reality is much preferred to living one’s life immersed in fantasy and mythology. Nothing grim or dark about it. We realists live without the dark fear of some sky-daddy looking over our shoulder every second. We live without the grim dread of pissing said sky-daddy off and spending eternity in a boiling vat of something. Xians are always rabbiting on about having a moral code thanks to the bible. Well, most of that code was adopted from the Code |Of Hammurabi and mankind knew charity, empathy, compassion, kindness, caring, honesty etc long before xianity was invented. Further to that, the xian faith through it’s history has been responsible for the worst atrocities ever visited upon humankind. So much for a moral compass.

          • Brian Graves:

            I think that what you are talking about is the corruption of an idea/ideal by humans, no matter from whence said idea/ideals emanated.

            Re the god equation: We have now learned that there are many other so-called “Goldilocks” planets out there like earth (planets that reside within a relatively small area of habitation revolving around stars—suns—within the millions of galaxies out there) that may have sustained intelligent life as we know it, that may now sustain intelligent life as we know it, and may in the future sustain intelligent life as we know it. It is possible that earth was visited by intelligent alien life forms thousands of years ago being members of a civilization far advanced than earth’s disparate groups of humans were at the time, and are now, and that guidelines for human growth were presented to be adopted by said recipients. If one accepts that this theory ‘could’ be plausible, then one could also accept that so-called gods (as the people then might have viewed them) visited earth. Far fetched? Maybe not.

            Humans are easily corrupted, whether they be leaders of industry, of governments, or of organized religions. The pursuit of power—and especially the maintenance of power once achieved—can lead to very corrosive behaviours on the parts of some power holders. Power corrupts. Absolute powers corrupts absolutely. It is an addictive pursuit, and the human species is an addiction prone lot.

            Christian religious leaders are mere humans subject to the same psychological/instinctual weaknesses as the rest of us. It is the individual, and/or individuals, respectively, acting in concert with one another, that is/are, respectively, guilty of criminal behavior, and not the institution or the institution’s ideals (unless we lump in institutions like the Nazi party from 1930’s – 1940’s Germany, etc.). Because some individuals operating within an institution hide behind the cloak of protection as supplied by others of poor judgment and/or character within said institution does not prove the institution per se to be a criminal institution. However, institutions sometimes can unwittingly provide criminal mindsets a place where they can go and hide out as they live out their criminal lives…until they are exposed by the purer of heart and mind who also reside within said institutions. The problem that you espouse arises when the non-criminals within put the interests of the institution (for the maintenance of their own power within) ahead of the interests of their followers by covering up their compatriots’ criminal behaviors…which makes them criminals after the fact by association. Happens often, almost everywhere within most all institution, because institutions are comprised of fallible humans. Therefore, it is the behavior of the individual that counts, and that is what Christianity deals with. There is nothing written nor repeated that Joshua/Jesus ever lobbied for an organized world-wide church, only that one live his/her life according to ideals that if so striven for, would benefit all who did so…and maybe others who did not.

  10. Opinions are like rectums. Everyone has one. Because you choose to flaunt your opinion or fantasy doesn’t make it any more valid than the satanists or those that believe in the planet Kolob. People will seek out the opinions they agree with and may be more likely to do business with those sharing those opinions. I guess that is your sales strategy. If you see it as something more high minded than that, we’ll, that would be your opinion.

  11. As one of the “mentally and intellectually immature” according to Brian Graves, and a “silly” believer in what he, in his wisdom, calls “primitive superstitions,” I am honoured to have this opportunity of commending Tina Platt for her article. Her tone and content resonates much more with my christian faith-based worldview than do Mr. Graves’ condescending and barely civil remarks. Of course we cannot prove, scientifically or otherwise, the existence and workings of God – such are matters of faith, an area in which there must be some space for awe and wonder. Do not the Holy Scriptures say, “…and anyone who comes to Him (God) must believe that he exists…?” Hebrews 11:6 (NIV).

    Interestingly, as I write this response, of the 37 comments accumulated, the vast majority is positive!

    Should Mr. Graves, or others of similar persuasion, be inclined to even briefly entertain views different from their own, may I suggest reading New York Times Bestselling Author, Lee Strobel, a former award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and holder of a Master of Studies in Law from Yale University. The 2017 movie, “The Case for Christ,” is based on his book of the same title published by Zondervan in 1998 and readily available through the usual sources.

    Even with my mental and intellectual deficiencies, I thought it a worthwhile read!

    Ron Stuart, FRI, ACRE®, REALTOR® (retired)

    • Seeking solace in xian apologists like Strobel is called “Confirmation bias”. Since you and he believe the same nonsense, it is of no moment you find comfort in his writings. That you consider the fact 37 other people here suffer the same delusions you do, positive is just more of the same. Believing in imaginary beings, people who never existed and events which never took place is a classic indicator of mental illness. We have places for people who believe such things, churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and…psychiatric institutions.

      • Brian Graves:

        According to you, if someone believes in something that cannot be proved or cannot be disproved, that someone is mentally ill. Welcome to the club! Looks like you are a member of the majority! If we rule out the churches, temples, synagogues, mosques etc., in your favour, that only leaves the psychiatric institutions…for you.

        I have a lay diagnosis: Unjustified intolerance syndrome leading to abject unhappiness syndrome leading to chronic depression leading to ugliness of outlook syndrome leading to hatred of run-of-the-mill humanity.

        Enjoy your solitude.

        Over and out.

        Beam me up Scotty!

        • One need no disprove that which patently does not exist, does not exist. Upon he making the positive claim falls the onus of proof. I suffer no solitude, my friends are all real and not imaginary. There is no Scotty either.

  12. It is okay for people to be offended. There is a lot we can all do to improve the way we communicate with each other, and to describe each other. And there is a lot of people that should just mind their own business! -* I have no problems with your ad, or your ‘lifestyle’. I say lifestyle because your faith is a choice, right? Like my sexuality. I am gay. And my marketing and profile make it clear that I serve on a Board of Directors for a queer Business Association, and our registered charity. My business is 80% identified as straight. Allies. Have I had odd calls and rude emails, sure. That’s what comes with being a semi-public person like a Realtor. We all need to be our authentic selves and be happy with that. There has always been hate, and there will always be critics. Just be grateful for those who love and support you and your business. And just be kind. Love wins.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article. I had a lot of messages, emails, and calls today in response to what I wrote. I appreciate the encouragement that I received.
    Tina Plett

  14. My question is: Why didn’t Tina actually post the Ad rather than just her “description” of what it says? Shouldn’t we be able to actually make our own opinion whether it is offensive rather than taking her word that it isn’t.

    There has been a lot of memes of social media over the holidays from people using “Merry Christmas” to bludgeon the 66% of the world population who are NOT Christian. The interesting thing is that seldom do those non-Christians care if you say Merry Christmas and celebrate Christmas. They are busy living their lives and most actually appreciate the spirit of good will that is the Christmas Season.

    Further she suggests that our opinions don’t define us and I have to disagree. If your opinion is that people other than Caucasians or Christians are inferior then you are racist by definition.

    I’m all for putting Christ back in Christmas. Lets celebrate it as an inclusive holiday rather than one that separates us vs them.

    • Maybe she submitted it. By previous comments, I’d say that the editor has the final say in what was, is and isn’t allowed here

  15. God bless you Tina. Jesus told us we would be persecuted in this world. You stood for what you believe in and I am very proud of you.

  16. God Bless You Tina for standing up for your Christian beliefs! Jesus IS the reason for the season. Everything is else is really just fluff. Please keep running those same ads every Christmas!

  17. It’s important to have the courage of your convictions. “So then, as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without actions is dead.” (James 2:26)

  18. Hi Tina:

    Hope you enjoyed a Merry Christmas!

    Let me begin by saying that the haters on the left, those who look down their noses at people who have been brought up within a religious tradition that teaches the rightness of tolerance of others’ beliefs (not every religion teaches that by the way) are just that…haters. They often seem to be unhappy people who have no underlying foundation of moral guidance upon which to base the governance of their lives. They are Negative Nellies who focus on what they see as being what is wrong with humanity vs what is right. They have dictatorial mind sets. Do some religious people take their beliefs to extremes as they try to foist their ideology upon others? Absolutely. But they are in the vast minority. Their ilk occupy the same mind set as the haters who do not subscribe to any belief system/ideology that tries to bring harmony into the world of human excesses.

    It is often repeated by non-religious types that religion is the opium of the proletariat. That is a communist mantra that originated in Russia. Marxism, it seems, has gained a new foothold these days, especially within our education system. (Can’t wait to read the pushback from haters on my words herein)

    Full disclosure here: I used to be a Christian, because that was what I was brought up to be. At almost 72, I no longer believe that there definitely is a god, but I cannot be sure of that, nor can anyone else be sure that there is or is not a god. Therefore, one’s belief that there is a god, or not, is simply that, a belief. There is no proof one way or the other; there is only belief one way or the other. Having said that, it is my opinion that people who have been brought up within a religious tradition that teaches one to look for the goodness in others vs the bad, but to not be naive’ and thus be able to recognize the bad when it reveals itself, are unreservedly nicer people than the haters who disdainfully look down their noses with their superimposed, haughty, pump-themselves-up attitudes of superiority.

    To repeat, I am not a religious person, but I will choose those whom the haters hate (who are not haters) as my friends every time given the choice to do so. I don’t have any time for overly-judgmental dictatorial types.

    Brian Graves: You are certainly entitled to your opinion my friend, and you are entitled to express it herein. But it seems that ‘you’—silly man— have been offended by Tina’s religious beliefs as revealed by her article herein. You have even been motivated to express your sense of being offended by using words like, “ridiculous”, “primitive”, “superstitions”, “mentally and intellectually immature”, “offended by something so silly”. You don’t seem to like it that Tina has been given province to express her opinion herein my friend. Why is that? Are you concerned that others might agree with her? Do you believe that Tina should not be allowed to voice her opinion herein? Do you believe in the censorship of anything that you do not believe in? Do you believe that religious people should not have the vote? Do you believe that religious people do not count for as much as you do?

    Again, I am not religious, but I believe that most religious folks, other than the nut bars who take things too far, are good people who try to live good lives, who do not go around condemning others who do not believe in the same things that they do, who are tolerant of others’ differences, who build up others’ rights to express themselves in a positive light vs the opposite, are the people that we ought to try to emulate. In other words, one can ‘not’ believe in a god but nevertheless one can emulate and practice living up to the tenets of a so-called godly lived life. That includes being a little less judgmental of others who do not mirror one’s own beliefs.

    Brian: You know nothing for sure, other than what can be replicated, over and over again, by scientific methodology. Everything else is belief based upon childhood (and ongoing) indoctrination. One could do much worse than being indoctrinated to look upon our fellow beings as our brothers and sisters, to be guided by uplifting tenets to live by, instead of being indoctrinated to hate those who do not believe as you do. Brian: you have also, unwittingly, identified ‘yourself’ as being a true believer, but you are a negative believer; you embody negativity within your person. You seem to see no goodness in others unless they are of your ilk. You mock them.

    Although I do not pray for you, I am sure that Tina does.

    If you are a Realtor, and if I had to choose between you and Tina to represent my fiduciary interests, do you believe that I would choose you? Don’t forget; I am not religious.

    Hope you aren’t offended by my words. I am not offended by yours, but I do feel sorry for you.

    I am allowed to feel for you, aren’t I?

    • I only choose to get offended by ignorance and I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks of or “feels” about me. Feel how you will, it will have no more effect on me than prayer. If prayer worked, the streets would be littered with the bodies of pedophile clergy, laid there by the prayers of their victims. But since there is no god, prayers do nothing but make those praying feel good about doing nothing. Ask catastrophe victims how much their prayers helped and isn’t it interestin that those disasters hit the most religious contries the worst and most often. As for your comment about which Realtor to choose, my best sale was that of a church to a religious outfit. They knew my views and picked the Realtor they felt most comfortable with, not upon whether or not he held as true primitive superstitions.

      • Brian Graves:

        Why does ignorance offend you? Are you all-knowing about everything under the sun? Aren’t you also ignorant about many things that others are not ignorant about?

        I realize that you don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks or feels. I am of the same mindset. But are you saying that some clergy members are the ‘only’ class of pedophiles roaming the earth? If your answer is no—which would be the correct answer—should not the streets therefore be littered with the bodies of ‘all’ pedophiles…period? To your point: is it not obvious that some pedophiles simply take advantage of a situation meant to create good? Your venom should rightfully be directed toward pedophiles…period, and their twisted strategy to exploit situations, wherever they exist.

        So you believe that catastrophes/disasters hit the most religious countries the worst and most often. That kind of thought process suggests that something other than randomness is at work here. Therefore, are you suggesting that religious countries are somehow being punished for their beliefs? Hmmm; that sounds like you believe that some kind of supernatural force might be at work here. But the educated amongst us know that natural catastrophes and disasters occur randomly all over the earth and have done so forever. We just don’t pay much attention to them if people don’t live where they occur.

        Glad to hear that your best sale was that of a church to a religious outfit. Was it your best sale due to the amount of the commission, or was it your best sale because of how you felt after the deal closed, commission aside?

        Your comment that “They knew my views and picked”…’you’…, even though you did not hold ‘their’ primitive superstitions, says something about ‘their’ open-mindedness, ‘their’ sense of not judging you negatively, ‘their’ ability to not look down their noses at someone who did not subscribe to ‘their’ belief system, ‘their’ humaneness, n’est pas? Terrible folks, those stupid bastards you used for your financial gain. Were any of them pedophiles? You just might have something psychologically in common with those pedophile bastards that we both despise my friend. You could have chosen ‘not’ to deal with them based upon principle, but you did not. The pursuit of money ruled over you. Like the pedophile mind, you choose to get what you want from wherever you can get it, then you trash those who put their trust in you. You need to separate individuals from institutions my friend. You were dealing with individuals, not an institution. You obviously did not believe that you were dealing with pedophiles…or did you?

    • Correction: Marxism originated in Germany (as espoused by Carl Marx if course) and not in Russia as I misstated above. Marxism/communism/socialism has failed dismally every where that it has been implemented (often by force) thus far, but the so-called know-it-all’s on the left never cease to believe that ‘they’ will be the ones to get it right. Human nature dictates that the pursuit of and the development of the inherent human competitive spirit is the evolutionary route toward the development of the success of the individual. Marxism seeks to extinguish the human spirit, to reduce it to one of subjectivity to an ideology of control by controllers who themselves hypocritically compete with one another for ultimate control…because…they are human beings subject to the same inherent evolutionary traits as the rest of us.

      • Pedophiles are everywhere Brian. Even amongst the RE community. Pointing out the streets would be littered with the bodies of dead clergy merely pointed out the huge hypocrisy of the religious organizations with their claims to love and care all the while committing the worst abuses throughout history and to this day still covering up and protecting pedo-priests whatever branch of the xian cult they follow. Statistically, the common North American pedophile is a white, married and religious male. But, where you have children, you have pedophiles. Which should cause one to wonder why so few are being caught in school systems. Well, the reason is the school systems are using the same system of protecting and moving pedophiles the infamous RCC perfected eons ago. Again, if prayer worked, the Vatican would be a smoking hole in the ground.

        As to your political observation, if you have not yet done so I encourage you to read the final paragraph of the “Regina Manifesto”, the founding document of the CCF. This paragraph was omitted from the later “Winnipeg Manifesto” when the CCF changed badges. However, in that paragraph one can see the basic flaw of socialism which persists through the NDP to this day.

  19. Well said, Tina! So heartwarming to hear such a positive article, letting truth flow in your faith! I have the same faith, and your article was a real encouragement! Keep it up, Tina!

  20. It is ridiculous to believe in primitive superstitions. Further it is only the mentally and intellectually immature individual who does or who chooses to be offended by something so silly.

    • Brian, you seem convinced that Christianity is a mere with or superstition. I wonder what that conviction is based on and would encourage you to read one book. “Evidence that demands a verdict” by Josh McDowell. I am sure you can find it on Amazon.

      • Lorne, not only is xianity a mere myth, it is largely predicated upon older pagan myths. In fact nothing honours paganism more than xianity. Your saviour is of pagan origens, most of your holy day are as well. Extraordingary claims require exxtraordingary proofs. There is not one fragment of proof your god exists and the same amount of proof your saviour exists. That is why you call if faith, not fact. Outside of the bible, there is no contemporary mention of your imaginary man and the bible was written long after he never lived. Josh McDowell is a xian apoligist and carries no credibillity whatsoever outside the religious community which tends to be very gullible.

        • Brian, You talk well but don’t seem to have the faintest idea of how to back up your talk. A quick Google search such as evidence of Jesus’ life outside the Bible will return results like this and many others. I always find it interesting, even amusing when those who don’t believe sound off the loudest about someone they don’t believe in!

        • Brian Graves:

          Your claim that “outside of the bible, there is no contemporary mention of your imaginary man…”. Not so fast. Local Historians of the day documented the existence of a Jew named Joshua (later translated as Jesus) who was a young local rabble-rouser who spoke out publicly against the oppressive tax burden, among other things, that the Romans were applying against the Christian minority within their empire. His teachings were also documented by these same said local historians, because Joshua/Jesus could neither read nor write. He was acquiring quite a local following, and the Roman leaders were fearful that his messaging would spread and thus a full blown rebellion might occur against them. This man actually did exist. (I took a class in university entitled “Primitive Christianity”). The so-called letters contained within the Bible were written starting soon after Joshua/Jesus was crucified, and they continued to be written for a long time thereafter by numerous authors until they were codified and bundled up by the early church leaders of the day about three hundred years after his death. That is how the bible came into being.

          It was the Roman emperor, Constantine, who made Christianity the official Roman religion (after he converted to Christianity) some three hundred plus years after Joshua’s/Jesus’ death, and it was he who set aside some pagan time periods for holidays etc. and coordinated them with the new Christian markers that he set out as Christian religious observances.. Not a bad legacy for an imaginary man.

          Just because some humans have corrupted the message does not mean the original message is a bad message. It is the message that counts.

  21. Jesus is the reason for the season! Not just the Christmas Season, but, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Wishing all a Blessed Year.

  22. Amazing article! I’m so glad that this was published publicly! How faith in God can be “offensive” is beyond me! Good for you Tina in standing up for what you believe in and making God (Jesus) a part of everyday including work!

  23. Hey Tina. Thank you so much for sharing this article. As a bible believing Christian this was refreshing to hear. Keep up the good work.

  24. We all need Jesus in our life – other wise what is the point of life – ti would be meaningless. My God bless you.

  25. Tina “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain

  26. Very glad to see someone brave enough to stand up for hers/his core belief. God has a place everywhere. When we take Him out of the street , schools, work ,or our life the results are at sight. God Bless.

  27. Great article! We walk on egg shells worried that we may offend. At least we won’t get thrown to the lions for our beliefs. Not yet any way. Thanks for this.

  28. Well spoken Tina! Life is not built on the response people have to the message “good news of great Joy”. In this world we will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I (Jesus) have overcome the world. Knowing this we need to live sold out for Him!

    • Lorne
      And your horses are His, too. All things great and small. Even such a little thing as represented in my swaddled Stollen.

      For whatever Donald Trump is or isn’t: being apolitical. I was pleased that least people can say “Merry Christmas” again, and a holiday bush can be called a Christmas Tree again.

      Carolyne L 🍁

  29. The people that are the most “offended” these days are usually the ones with the most closed minds. Maybe subconsciously they know that which creates internal frustration directed at others.

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