The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) has signed an agreement with CoreLogic to offer the Matrix MLS platform as another MLS front-end option, in addition to Stratus.

“As part of our vision for the reinvented MLS, we promised multiple MLS front ends, and our agreement with Matrix is the first step in delivering on that promise,” says John DiMichele, TRREB CEO in a news release.

“This is an exciting time for our members and our partner board members as well. We have been working with CoreLogic for quite some time to offer the Matrix option, and we will be providing more details and timing information as the project moves forward,” says board president Michael Collins.

TRREB recently announced that it will develop a new MLS platform. It says offering the Matrix option is separate to TRREB’s current Request For Proposal (RFP) to develop the new system.

“The process to select an innovative MLS system platform that can deliver modern technologies to meet the needs of members, other users and their clients continues in full force,” says DiMichele.

The board says having more than one MLS front end will provide flexibility and choice to brokerages, members and partner boards.

“The MLS RFP initiative is a much broader project. Of particular interest in implementing a new MLS platform will be mobile usage, new add/edit capabilities, voice and integration with blockchain and artificial intelligence,” says DiMichele.


  1. This very exciting !
    The ability for TRREB members to have the option to use the Matrix or Stratus for searches.
    Almost every Non-TRREB Member I speak with would like to have access to TRREB data , as of 2 years ago.
    We realtors that work to help our clients should not have barriers that hinder our earning ability.
    We should not have to belong 2-3 boards to get access to data. Just ask the TRREB members that have to belong to multiple boards in order to service our clients.
    When are we going to see one ( or 2 ) MLS System that includes TRREB?
    After all we are licensed to sell in the whole of Ontario.
    Thank you.

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