I really enjoy reading REM.  In the April issue, the article Be your own brand struck a chord with me.  I am attaching a potential piece of new marketing for my clients that a colleague and I came up with. I thought you might  be interested in this for the next REM.


Top 10 reasons why you should choose Joanne Warren as your Grand Bend “Real Estate Lady”, by Joanne Warren and Mike Morris.


1.  She knows when and where to get the best muffins and coffee in the village: when her brother goes and gets them at the corner.


2.  She knows a roofer who doesn't fall off the job, a painter who's not a drip, a plumber who's not afraid of a toilet, and a carpenter who has all his fingers.


3.  She has a laptop computer on her desk at the beach and she knows what to do with it, if she remembers to plug it in the five km extension cord.

4.  She knows where you can skinny dip at the beach and when the local police cruiser is at the coffee shop.  She knows what that means: an opportunity not to be missed.


5.  She has the most recognized bicycle in town: equipped with a pager, a license plate (JWSOLD), and, occasionally, brakes.


6.  She knows where to get a great margarita, pina colada, or daiquiri, to go.


7.  She knows the village's best: a masseur who will rub you the right way, a mechanic who walks to work, a handyman who keeps them to himself, a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets, a builder who lives in a tent, and a crusty pie maker.


8.  She knows the best local band (The River Road Band).  If she's not singing and dancing with them, she'll be dancing and singing with them.


9.  She knows the best place for a romantic sunset, and she can check her real estate handbook for further instructions.


10. She's supports local business:  she leases a parking space and her own mug at Tim Horton's while expensing it to Century 21.


Joanne Warren

Century 21 First Canadian Corp

London  Ont.



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