Three members of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) have resigned.

Brian Klingspon, Christine Zwozdesky and JT Dhoot resigned from the council last week. The provincial regulator continues to deal with the fallout from a scathing report on its governance, which recommended that the entire council should be replaced.

“On behalf of council, I would like to thank Brian, Christine and JT for their service to the real estate industry and the public of Alberta,” said RECA chair Robert Telford in a statement. “We will miss their professionalism and experience at the council table.”

Klingspon is a licensed real estate professional and was appointed to council in 2013. He was appointed by the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) from members of the Realtors Association of Edmonton and served as chair in 2017-2018.

Zwozdesky is a licensed property manager and was also appointed to council in 2013. She was appointed by council from nominations received from licensed property managers and served as chair in 2016-2017.

JT Dhoot is a licensed real estate appraiser and was appointed to council earlier this year. He was appointed by those members of council appointed by AREA and Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, from among industry members who are not members of AREA.


  1. To bad Alberta was first to make such a move. it should have been Ontario. But the Money crab is just to good for the franchise Industry, a long with many other non Licence Real Estate marketing ,Bodies of people that have pushed the price of Real Estate to a place were young families cannot have a home with land and green area.More people work in Real Estate and control the future of Real Estate. than there are licence Realtors. and most of them don’t tell the public that they are a Realtor . Many say they are part of a team and some say they are Agents. Were does this leave the Public Dealing with an industry or dealing with a professional.Did the Marketing company sell their Real Estate. Or was the sale of Real Estate sold though a Real Estate Brokerage. What the difference, is part of the problem that many families WILL NOT have a single family home to raise there family in. And crowed living space is not the Canadian way of life.We have lots of land and lots of ways for people to in joy it. . Not many of us will live on Earth for more than 100 years. So why do we need to control.and why can’t we help each other to in joy the world while we are here. Anyway I,m not sure why the three members left ,But I know The Real Estate Profession has lost it’s direction.with helping the public. And the sad part is some of them think they are winning and many of them will never have a home with land that they own.

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