By Jennifer Jimbere

Many real estate professionals know they should have a strong presence online, but they are frustrated and overwhelmed on how to do it. Many have no clue how to navigate the social media channels with a strategy. They feel it is a waste of time that does not produce a return, which is why most are doing it all wrong.

Want to experience growth in your business? There are five mistakes real estate professionals are making when trying to leverage LinkedIn.

1. They don’t know how to create a compelling profile summary. There is a formula for doing this properly and it involves four parts:
  • Tell them about you
  • Tell them who you help and what your market dominating position is
  • Share what it is like to work with you
  • Add your contact information inside the summary
2. They don’t know how to customize their public URL profile.

Did you know that LinkedIn has a function that allows you to edit this in your account? Take advantage of this feature.

3. Most people do not bother to take the time to explain in detail their experience and expertise.

You need to prime people’s thinking to think of you when they have a need. You can do that by being strategic and choosing three adjectives that you want to be known for.

4. Realtors help so many families find new homes every year. When they sell a home, it is a great time for the agent to capitalize on that good feeling and ask for endorsements. These recommendations on a business platform like LinkedIn can go a long way.
5. When professionals are on LinkedIn they are not sure what they need to do. What is most important is to connect, add value and act on the notifications.

We all want growth and to be perceived as the experts in our fields and by following some very specific strategies, that status can be achieved.  The success of a business is never a one-person show. Along the way, everyone needs some kind of help. While we may be talented and skillful at what we do, we can’t expect to know everything there is to know about business, including social media.

Credibility is everything when someone is looking for a professional they want to do business with. They want to know the person they will be dealing with is knowledgeable, dependable and has a winning attitude.  A thought to remember is that people want to be around people that make them feel good. A business relationship is no different. Your clients need to feel good about their decision to do business with you and creating a strong presence on LinkedIn can be part of that.

LinkedIn used effectively will grow your business. Avoid the five mistakes that your colleagues are making and stand out from the crowd.  Email [email protected] to gain access to a tip sheet with more about these mistakes.

Jennifer Jimbere is president of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting, founder of Jimbere Business Academy and co-founder at Radical Joy Seeking Women’s Club. She has leveraged social media channels to grow two successful businesses. She believes that you should have a strategy and show up on LinkedIn so much that she built an on-demand program, 16-lesson course. It features a real estate agent in Ontario and you get access to her coaching him live. Reach her via Email.


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