By Danny Wood

Filming yourself on a mobile phone is a real challenge. The biggest stumbling block most newbies face (besides the gear and editing) is memorizing a script and being natural, engaging and to the point. This leaves you feeling unsatisfied with the final product because it’s boring.

I thought I’d try a new way to create videos. Why not make a presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote) and use that as a visual cue to keep you on track?  If you record yourself with one camera and record your screen of the presentation, you’ll basically have your script, teleprompter and b-roll footage all at the same time.

I found it super easy to make a story as a presentation first and tell my story. I hope you like it and get inspired. I know I am. Watch my video!

Danny Wood is a public speaker for major conferences and global brands. His focus is on marketing and technology. He currently runs BrokerageNation, a collection of 200 real estate offices and over 8,000+ agents who are enrolled in his online training programs. Along with that he has a one-on-one coaching service helping Realtors implement the systems and services he speaks on. 905-903-5442.


  1. People will ask how I did this. One camera was on a tripod (my iPhone 11). That was recording my face and voice. The phone in my hands (it’s a old phone) has keynote. That’s a free presentation app. I use that to keep me on track like a script. iOS allows you to record the screen. By doing that I had two video clips. One of me talking and one of my presentation. I took those and edited them together using a app called LumaFusion (it’s only on apple). I won’t see comments on this page, so text me at (905) 903-5442 (thanks for watching) – Dan Wood

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