By Joyce Paron, President - Canadian Division, EXIT Realty Corp. International

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The problem is looming and your agitation is growing.  Whether you’re a broker working with your agents or a real estate agent working with buyers and sellers, there are few days in a week or deals in a day that go without a hitch.  When one of those hitches rears up, here are three steps to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

1. Act from a place of peace

Have you ever blown your cool?  Remember a time when the kids, a spouse, ex-spouse or buyer pushed your buttons and then answer this question: Would you agree that the action you took might have been different if you had acted from a place of peace?

Your peace is your place of power.  It allows you to consider more options from more sources with greater clarity allowing you to be more effective in dealing with the problem.

So, it’s very important when faced with a challenging situation to first shift yourself into your place of peace before making a decision and taking action.  You may have to physically remove yourself from the situation; end the telephone conversation, leave the room,  go to the gym or for a walk.    Give yourself permission to take the time and distance necessary to ground yourself.

2. Engage your emotions to ascertain the ideal outcome

Now that you have entered your place of peace, decide what you want the best possible outcome to feel like.  For example, is peace, harmony, relief, pride or joy  the prominent emotion you want to feel when the problem has been resolved?  Giving this some thought helps you to focus on what is important to you and what will ultimately end up feeling most satisfying when the problem is solved.

3. Ask the appropriate effective question

There is great power in asking the right question.  Ironically, the first question you ask might be, “What is the right question to ask for the best possible outcome?”  However, if you’re approaching the problem from your place of peace and you know how you want the outcome to feel, you can structure the question with these considerations in mind.  For example, your appropriate effective question might be, “What is the best approach to resolve this whereby I feel a great sense of relief?”

Author and speaker, Anthony Robbins, says that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions.  This is true in any arena of your life and in all circumstances.  And although a choice in the past may have caused an unwanted result, it does not deny your ability to make another choice, right here, right now.  Your hidden potential lies in the new questions you will ask yourself from your best-feeling emotional place.

Asking your effective question (or questions) from your place of peace permits your quiet, calm presence  to ‘hear’ the answer as it is revealed.  Sometimes this happens immediately as an answer ‘bubbles up’ and you experience an ‘aha’ moment.  Other times, your patience is key until an answer walks through your door or some wisdom is shared with you.

We are most receptive to the answer when we are expecting it and maintain a cheerful disposition in anticipation.  Often, we experience a sense of wonder and accomplishment when the answer is gracefully presented to resolve the matter.

Trust that acting from a place of peace, knowing how you want to feel when the problem is solved, and asking the right effective question will pay off in dividends with a better solution than if you had acted hastily.  This approach can save money, and more importantly, relationships.  And in the end, the real benefactor is you and how you will feel about yourself by doing what felt good in achieving a positive outcome.

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