By Heino Molls


There are people in the world who demand proof of things with statistics and facts. Before they believe anything,  they want studies proving theories. They need to see charts.


But there are some things that we know without looking at graphs and charts. There are things that we know to be true even though we do not have statistics that confirm what is in our ken.


We know, for example, that people in Canada are generally the same as all other people in the world. There are no statistics to prove that, but we know that people in this country love their families, care about their neighbours, and have pretty much the same emotions as just about anyone in any other country. We say “eh” a lot and go to Tim Hortons, but at the end of the day, we are generally the same as everybody else in the world.


It is a fact that is as plain as the nose on your face.


It is further a fact that Canada is a “free country”. It is also a fact that the economies of free countries do better than the economies of countries that are not free. A free country is one that has among its citizens, the right to purchase and sell real estate.


None of these things are readily available in charts and studies but they are true. We all know it.


We also all know irrefutably that a good economy is based on real estate. When houses are bought and sold, the economy thrives on furniture sales, renovations, home decorating, communication tools, computer sales, software needs, transportation needs, oil, gas, electricity and so on.


A robust real estate market means a robust economy. Spare me all the claptrap about auto sales or oil or interest rates. It is real estate. In fact, all these other things are driven by real estate and housing.


There are no charts that show that. But it is true. We all know it.


We also know, when we stop to think about it, that real estate is driven, primarily, by love.

There are lots of people who buy real estate as wise investments. Landlords, speculators and so on. Fine. Good.  But the majority of house purchases and leases are generated by love.

A couple falls in love and marries. The first investment they think of is a place to live together.

All families want to have a home. In fact the word family and home are almost interchangeable. There are sad and tragic exceptions, but for the most part a family in every definition, sense and make up, needs and looks for a home.


All families are held together by one thing. Love.


Love is an emotion. There are no charts or graphs for emotions. It is hard, if not impossible, to study. But we all know that love is the foundation of a family. It is the only fundamental necessity to have a family. It is the only definition of family.


Families need homes.


The need for homes drives the need for housing. Housing drives the real estate market. The real estate market drives the economy. The economy drives a free country. Free countries drive the world.


Love is an economic necessity.


Make love. It’s good for the world.


Heino Molls is publisher of REM. E-mail [email protected]  or discuss this article in the REM Discussion Forum.


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