By Jeffrey Wagman

Real estate brokerages have changed drastically in the last 30 years. It went from agents being “employees” of the brokerage and enjoying the camaraderie of an office because that’s where all the information was and distributed, to a “cloud” mentality where agents get their information from a computer and feel an office is not needed.

The “I work from home” mentality started around 15 years ago and to be honest, I never understood it. That’s not to say it doesn’t work for some, however people feed off each other and I don’t think that’s happening at home. For me I just find that my home is not a workplace. It’s a family place.

What does an office offer in today’s day and age? A lot. It provides information on listings that aren’t on the internet. It offers agents the opportunity to discuss issues and get help on specific events, which others can learn from. Yes, I said the word help. I am in an office where agents actually help each other. Its a rarity today I know, but it’s true and it exists. You need to create that atmosphere and work at it. But I can tell you the rewards are endless. I work in an office where agents don’t compete against each other – rather, they work together if a situation arises where they are after the same opportunity.

There are social benefits to frequenting an office – lunches, parties, socializing outside the office and the fostering of close friendships. When you immerse yourself in an office, your drive and motivation can’t help but grow. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned agent or brand new, we all can use some drive and motivation at times. It also helps to have free parking, which I do!

Many brokerages today are not even bricks and mortar. Where do these agents interact? Do they even know one another? I would say many agents don’t know many other agents in their own office. Why? They don’t go there.

If you prefer to work from home or any other place rather than your brokerage’s office, that’s your choice. But those who commit to the office culture will prosper in many positive ways.


  1. I have worked in an office since 2007 at Re/Max then at Coldwell Banker! almost no one comes to the office anymore, everyone loves to work from home. In 13 years being at the office I only got one listing from being on Duty call. The time and gas it takes to drive to the office and back you can do a lot with that. Also when you have chit chatters at the office who have nothing better to do than to waste your time to chit chat.. I would rather work from home and get more things done.

  2. I did a study on this years ago and found that the social atmosphere of an office is a huge part of their success!

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