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Price too high and there’s no interest from buyers. By setting the listing price lower, but still too high, your listing may get attention and showings, but buyers refuse to waste their time or risk insulting a homeowner.


Most sellers hold unrealistically inflated opinions about their property – some ridiculously high. When assessing your own property, you’re no exception.


Think like an impartial buyer but consider the emotional element. Will the property enthuse or bore? In the final analysis, your ability to view objectively – and think on your feet – is where you justifiably earn a large portion of your fee.


Although CMA reports can vary in scope, from brief summaries to multi-page tomes, on paper or in pixels, a typical report will contain the following...


Before accepting an invitation to consult with a homeowner, it’s smart to discern why they want an evaluation. They may be serious about selling; if this be true, go for it.