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Walter Schneider

Frank Polzler


Around U.S. Thanksgiving, 1979, Walter Schneider and Frank Polzler, co-founders of Re/Max Integra Group of companies, had a steep hill to climb.

Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider (Photo by Elijah Shark)


As recipients of the Re/Max organization’s inaugural Founders Award, Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider have reached the Re/Max world’s accolade summit. “We’re breathing very thin air,” says Schneider.


Re/Max Integra president and co-founder Walter Schneider received a David Foster Foundation Visionary Award recently.

Christopher Alexander (Photo: Elijah Shark)


Christopher Alexander started as a janitor in his parents' brokerage when he was 13. Now he’s regional director of Re/Max Ontario-Atlantic Canada.

Walter J. Schneider


Walter J. Schneider, president and co-founder of Re/Max Integra, has been recognized as a Fellow by the Ontario Realtors Care Foundation. “This is an extraordinary honour,” says Elizabeth Wale, president of the foundation.

Gurinder Sandhu


Gurinder Sandhu says while he “loved every minute” of his time at Re/Max Integra, it was just time to move on. Sandhu says while he loved his position as EVP, he didn’t know if it was a passion he could carry to the future.

The Re/Max sponsored plaque on the Highway of Heroes.


Re/Max Integra president and co-founder Walter Schneider was one of the first to offer support for the Re/Max Highway of Heroes project, a True Patriot Love Foundation initiative that honours those who have lost their lives serving our country.