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For Re/Max Real Estate (Central) in Calgary, after so many years with the same owner, same name, same building, how do they keep from becoming just the “same old, same old”?


Here are the most common questions brokers have when looking to take their real estate teams to the next level by incorporating inside sales agents. It isn’t cheap, it isn’t easy, but it is worth it.


Did you always want to be a fireman? If so, it may explain why you are thinking about becoming a managing broker in a...


There are endless books on how to build successful teams, and even some focused on how to build brokerage teams. But few focus on why most team leaders fail at building them.


There is no substitute for the time-tested process of relationships that are formed directly in the workplace. Team building is a child of organizational development.


Attracting and retaining quality staff is not only good for the bottom line, it’s good for customer service. So here are five ways to best attract and retain great staff. 

keep your sales reps


Sales representatives don’t see the value in their brokerage anymore, which means their biggest complaint is money focused. The agent is continually asking themselves and their peers, “What am I paying the brokerage for?”