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TheRedPin shut its doors after being in business for seven years. It “couldn’t figure out how to make it profitable enough to keep being a disruptor,” says Zolo's Romana King.


The issue of permitting virtual office websites (VOWs) to publicly display sold data – a property’s purchase history – is still before the courts. Just what would VOWs do with the disputed data if it was made public?


Toronto’s TheRedPin says January is one month this year that home buyers have a financial advantage in the highly competitive Greater Toronto Area housing market.


In an email statement to REM, TREB confirmed that they have filed a Notice of Appeal and are reviewing the Competition Tribunal’s recent order but are saying little else, stating that “the matter is still before the courts.”

What's the best day of the year to buy a home?


If you’re on the hunt for the best day of the year to buy a home, today could be your lucky day. Toronto brokerage TheRedPin.com says it crunched the numbers and determined the best day to day to make a deal.


TREB lawyer Donald Affleck revealed that the Competition Bureau’s lead witness, Viewpoint Realty, has been the subject of about two dozen annual complaints concerning privacy.



Toronto real estate brokerage TheRedPin.com says it is “set to fix” a “centuries old business model… with a new program that significantly challenges industry norms by shifting 50 per cent of their sales commissions back to consumers.”



“We’re a customer experience company – I wouldn’t even call it a brokerage,” says TheRedPin.com’s broker of record Tarik Gidamy. “We’re trying to be really different from other brokerages.”