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The Commissioner of Competition v. The Toronto Real Estate Board


The Toronto Real Estate Board’s long-running battle with the Competition Bureau finally appears to be at an end, but there are still a lot of questions about how it will impact local boards and if more legal action is coming.



How will “sold data” affect your business? Here are my thoughts on how you can use this huge change to your advantage.


The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the Toronto Real Estate Board's appeal of the decision to uphold the Competition Tribunal's ruling that the board had engaged in anti-competitive acts.


After almost a year of deliberations, the Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed the Toronto Real Estate Board’s appeal in its long-running legal battle with the Competition Bureau.


The issue of permitting virtual office websites (VOWs) to publicly display sold data – a property’s purchase history – is still before the courts. Just what would VOWs do with the disputed data if it was made public?

Cliff Iverson (Photo: Ryan Parent)


REM editor Jim Adair interviewed Iverson, along with CREA CEO Gary Simonsen, about what is perhaps the most tumultuous year ever for organized real estate in Canada.


The second and last day of the Competition Tribunal appeal hearing between The Commissioner of Competition and The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) wrapped up expeditiously Tuesday morning.


TREB is once again arguing that clients’ privacy rights will be breached if certain data is exposed on the Internet on virtual office websites (VOWs).


A Federal Court of Appeal judge says that TREB “has raised at least one serious issue with respect to the possibility that the tribunal’s order failed to take adequate consideration of property owners’ privacy rights.”


John DiMichele, CEO of the Toronto Real Estate Board, writes "TREB has never been opposed to any innovation in the real estate marketplace, nor the distribution of property data, particularly the sold price."