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COVID-19 showed me that, notwithstanding one’s legal rights, landlords and tenants can co-operate, especially since their survival was interdependent. This is especially true during the height of COVID-19.

Bringing technology and community to the mall are vital to compete with e-commerce.


E-commerce will kill the mall unless landlords transform their role from rent collectors to remarkable experience creators.


There is a general misconception that residential tenants may terminate their leases at will, without consequences or without any specific notice requirements. This simply isn’t true.


Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan has negatively affected more than just the renting market, it has also negatively affected the process of buying and selling a property.


Unfortunately, due diligence is perhaps best approached with the belief that the vendor is trying to hide something from you. Because of this, it's wise to go in knowing your answer to the following questions.


A homeowner who stops paying mortgage payments is likely to experience swifter eviction and longer damaging financial repercussions than a renter who stops paying rent.


The tenants filed the same complaints with their new property manager but had no better luck. According to the tenants, the landlord’s response was that they could do nothing to resolve the issue.


If organized real estate could get the ball rolling on this through their PAC, it would help everyone in the end. It would be an incentive for landlords to keep their units in good shape. Help increase property values.


In what very well might be a record for living rent free, a recent case illustrates how a tenant was able to freeload for over 18 months despite agreeing to an order requiring him to vacate the unit.


This clause is brutal to read and causes confusion. The common solution: ignore it and hope for the best! The problem: if you don’t deal with the confusion you are guaranteed mismanaged expectations, conflict and exploitation.