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Your licensed assistant is potentially one of the most powerful leveraging tools you will ever encounter as a team leader, and equally one of the least common.


This is my continuing series about the future of real estate and teams. Many of us, as mortals are apt to do, reflect and...


Working with a team may not appeal to every real estate agent, but those who persevere through the growing pains can enjoy support not available to the lone ranger.


There are endless books on how to build successful teams, and even some focused on how to build brokerage teams. But few focus on why most team leaders fail at building them.


Culture is everything.  That is a fact of life. We travel to experience culture, we celebrate culture and we live culture, but what is culture? Look at your team – your sports team, business team or family team – culture is there.


We have talented, self-directed, motivated, top people, but how do we make sure we aren’t training the competition? How do we help them to stay? How do we compensate for the roles on our team?

Yogi Berra


One of Yogi Berra's many sayings was “You can see a lot of things just by observing.” It seems silly but, as a person who has observed the real estate industry now for almost 40 years, I find it to be most profound.


Some brokerages embrace teams but others are threatened by them. In order to attract strong teams, a brokerage must provide value for them, and it has to be flexible in respect to commission splits.


With the dismal rate of success for real estate agents trying to build a team, know what to look for and how to solve these common issues up front.



Accountability and delegation are two critical factors when it comes to transforming a good team into a great team. Every team member must be accountable to every other member.