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Certification for a stager is as important as a real estate license is to an agent. Why?  Simply so people know what to expect when hiring a stager.



Why in the world would somebody list a condo for sale a week before that condo is going to be staged, and photographed?


Every day, real estate staging professionals struggle to maintain professional boundaries with real estate agents and their clients while delivering quality service and exceptional results.


There are many reasons to support the process of staging a property prior to bringing it to the public for review. Let’s look at a few of them.


With spring upon us, the real estate market is just lukewarm. With sellers anxiously wanting to sell their homes and buyers still holding off,...


Home staging is all about depersonalizing and adding some new things to make a better impression on potential buyers.


Although only recently launched, more than 60 sales reps and brokers across the Greater Toronto Area now hold the RESA CSA (Certified Staging Advocate) designation.


When the objection is that home staging costs too much, sellers need to consider the carrying cost of a house when it sits on the market for months on end, and the staging investment relative to the sale price.

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As I monitor new listings, I estimate that less than half of the properties are being professionally staged. Here are some of the latest bad MLS photos. Yes, these are real MLS photos.


Staging is one of those often-overlooked details that can make all the difference when it comes time to sell. According to research conducted by...