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It’s believed the first tube houses appeared on the scene as early as the 15th century.


What Vietnam's tube houses lack in width, they make up for in depth, stretching back as much as 230 feet, and height – five to seven storeys high is not unusual.

An example of a small home in Santa Cruz, Calif. built in 1861. (Photo: Lloyd Kahn)


Author Lloyd Kahn has lived in quite a few small (and unconventional) abodes over the years, including a geodesic dome and a chicken coop.


Some interesting new options appearing across the country for struggling homeowners are the quaint, adaptable “tiny houses”. You can tow them, park them or play a game of catch with some.

Quirky homes


The world is full of quirky homes, something the average traveler eventually discovers. Some houses are perched on towering rocks in the middle of rivers, others border the sides of steep cliffs, while some are so tiny that you’re forced to hunch over when you go inside.