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Many millennials believe they may never be able to afford a home unless they have family that can help them out financially. But baby boomers are also being significantly affected by the rising costs of living.


A new RBC survey says home equity is playing a more prominent role in Canadian's retirement plans.


Due to the growing number of seniors who are moving closer to family, people over 55 are slowly taking over the urban spaces that used to be the millennials' playground.


The grandson said something that nearly made me gasp. “How often should I release the pressure on that valve?” I? As in, he would do this for his grandma?


In Canada, the prevalence of the senior demographic – which grew 21.7 per cent between 2006 and 2016 – outpaced available housing at a disconcerting rate.



Seniors represent one of the fastest growing demographics in real estate. Michael Krisa interviews Barry Lebow about how to develop business in this niche market.


With so many agents fighting for business, getting noticed can be challenging. On the upside, most salespeople settle for being mediocre, so standing out isn’t as hard as you may think.


Seniors are sharing ongoing household expenses and the cost of support services, while each owning an undivided interest in the whole property (not just their exclusive private area) that can be sold on the open market.


What to do? Suggest to your downsizing clients or anyone who is moving and not taking all of their furniture and household items with them to donate to their local furniture bank.


Driving Miss Daisy can help clients get to appointments or activities that they may not be able to get to own their own. The company has franchises in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.