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The Silent Beacon’s call and alert settings are set through a free app. The device is small and light enough to comfortably wear on your belt, around your neck or attached to your keys.


Silent Beacon, a new wearable safety device, offers features not available on other devices or Realtor safety apps, says its manufacturer.


The Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) is now providing each of its 10,500 members with a subscription to the LifeLine Response safety application.


Agents get attacked, robbed and murdered at work. It happens. A lot. The fact is, real estate agents are at risk when hosting open houses. Thankfully, there is something we can do.


Re/Max of Western Canada will provide a personal safety app for its members that allows salespeople to connect with their closest contacts and alert them when they find themselves in unfamiliar or emergency scenarios.

Learning to pick locks with the help of TOOOL Toronto at this past summer’s Maker Festival at the Toronto Reference Library (Photo by Diane Slawych)


Pssst! Want to learn how to pick a lock? Actually there’s no need to whisper or hide in the shadows, not anymore. Some security experts in Canada are teaching anyone who is interested.


Effective Sept. 6, the Ontario government implemented changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 2006 to benefit tenants who are victims of sexual or domestic violence, by allowing them to end a lease early.

Territorial reinforcement provides defined property lines and clear distinctions between public, semi-private and private spaces.


Since the introduction of the “Eyes on the Street” philosophy by Jane Jacobs nearly half a century ago, the notion of a safer community through environmental design has significantly grown in popularity.