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Half of the respondents in a Rentals.ca survey said they will need to look for a more affordable place to rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Local Logic looked at how users interact with its proprietary Location Scores to understand what matters to renters now, compared to pre-pandemic days.


The net profit from a rental property is much less than tenants, media and the government believe, and it's these same entities who collectively think residential landlords are rich and can afford to carry all the consequent losses caused by COVID-19.


The average monthly asking rent for Canada rose 4.3 per cent year-over-year at the end of December, according to a report from Rentals.ca and Bullpen Research & Consulting.


How does an interested buyer know if a home’s basement apartment is legal? And what information about basement apartments must real estate agents provide to buyers?


A new report says single mothers, Indigenous renter households, new immigrants, Canadians under the age of 30, and seniors are all facing higher levels of overspending on rental housing than the Canadian average.


The strong pace of Canadian commercial investment property sales and record-high levels in the multi-suite residential sector defined the second quarter of 2019, says a new report by Morguard Corporation.



We’re all looking for options to get new business. Have you ever considered marketing to For Rent By Owner (FRBO) properties?


Most residential landlords would say without hesitation that Ontario’s annual rent increase guideline does not fairly reflect the true cost of operating a residential rental property in Ontario. Is that really true?


There is a general misconception that residential tenants may terminate their leases at will, without consequences or without any specific notice requirements. This simply isn’t true.