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To celebrate our magazine's 30th anniversary, we’re proud to announce a new, premium subscription service for those who value staying ahead of the curve and being well informed on the real estate industry in Canada.


Sold data coming to Realtor.ca, disclosure, cannabis and the future of real estate: Here are the stories from the last 10 years that generated the most views on REMonline.com.


REM has reported on major real estate industry stories during the last 30 years. But the entity that has had the most coverage in REM and touched on many of the big issues has been the federal Competition Bureau

Heino Molls


REM’s publisher and founder Heino Molls is retiring after leading the publication and website for the last 29 years. Back in the early 1980s, Heino and I worked in side-by-side offices at the Toronto Real Estate Board.


Intelligent people read all the time. Become an intelligent Realtor. Prospects will recognize you for your newly acquired and ongoing intelligence. Avoid the trap of Realtor apathy.

Ralph Fyfe, chair of the Canadian Realtors Care Foundation, and Amanda Rock, centre, REM’s director of advertising and marketing, present the award to Laura-Leah Shaw.


The Canadian Realtors Care Foundation has named Laura-Leah Shaw of Vancouver the recipient of its national award. Shaw was selected because of the multitude of charities and activist organizations she actively supports.

Listing presentation


All this information is shared with the public by real estate brokers and sales reps. Some people who are not in the business grab the fruits of all this work and demand that they be recognized as the experts in real estate.

Dennis Rock


Dennis Rock has been in the advertising and marketing business for more than 50 years. He could probably tell you first hand of some experiences like that depicted in the television series Mad Men.