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Testimonials are a formidable tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Having someone else say how awesome you are carries a thousand times more...


Prospecting for leads doesn’t have to be laborious. It can be interesting and entertaining, fun and maybe even educational. Use your imagination. Put your heart into it.

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Your clients hold the power to help your business thrive. How can you turn your clients into advocates? It’s all about your relationships. Establish trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship.

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Am I doing my seller a disservice by not necessarily knowing all of the distances to all of the schools or when garbage day is? Not really. I am happy that my business gets me out the door and away from sitting behind a desk.

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Richard Robbins says the real secret is in implementing a system that will generate a predictable stream of high-quality referrals for your real estate business each and every year.