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. I think it makes much more sense to spend your time and money marketing to your past clients – this is where email comes in.


Agents, we need to get it through our thick, competitive heads, that we don’t need to steamroll and pull each other’s hair to make it! We need to realize other agents are our not our enemies – they’re our best customers!


Referrals from other agents are like gifts from the real estate gods. The key is figuring out how to get them. Here are some tips from real estate veterans. s



In this short video, David Greenspan says if you want to keep generating referrals, you can’t just up and disappear after the deal is signed but before closing.


Many sales reps feel asking for referrals makes them appear needy, desperate or imposing. So here are five ways to ask for referrals without making you – or your customer – feel uncomfortable.


A survey released by Vancouver-based real estate website REW.ca says a high level of neighbourhood or building expertise was cited as the No. 1 reason consumers choose one real estate agent over another.


Refery is a “refer, reward, repeat” program that its creators say rewards real estate professionals for their referrals to mortgage brokers. What sets the program apart is its rewards.


Testimonials are a formidable tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Having someone else say how awesome you are carries a thousand times more...


Prospecting for leads doesn’t have to be laborious. It can be interesting and entertaining, fun and maybe even educational. Use your imagination. Put your heart into it.

Prospect for buyers


Your clients hold the power to help your business thrive. How can you turn your clients into advocates? It’s all about your relationships. Establish trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship.