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In today’s highly competitive market, salespeople who want to attract amazing buyer agents to their roster need to do more than just sell their “brand presence”.


If every brokerage says you’ll make $100,000 in your first year, but one brokerage’s manager tells you that you’d be lucky to hit $40,000, most people would probably think twice about joining that team.


How many emails do you and your staff send daily? Are you leveraging that organic traffic to mention anything about recruiting, joining your team, links to your training… anything? Well, you should be.


A recent interview a salesperson conducted with a candidate for a job as his assistant left us speechless. Without naming and shaming, I think...


Regardless of where you work, you have to motivate yourself. No one is going to give you a wake-up call every morning and tell you it’s time to get to work.


There are two important indicators of the right time to hire your first employee: time and money.


In real estate, as in most other businesses, the notion of long-term employment, where someone stays with one company for life (or at least a very long time), is over. Is that a good thing?


The culture of an office is a big reason why people leave jobs and the only way to truly get a sense of it is to be a part of it, even for a day. How does it work?


Being great at sales and giving exceptional service to customers doesn’t necessarily translate into someone being a great leader and manager.


There are endless books on how to build successful teams, and even some focused on how to build brokerage teams. But few focus on why most team leaders fail at building them.