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Boston, MA, USA - November, 11, 2016. Protester holds sign at Anti-Trump Love Rally Boston Common (iStock.com/HABesen)


There is no way for us to know how future historians will look back on these dramatic and tumultuous times we find ourselves living in. We should know, by now, that they won’t be kind.


The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) recently established a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. In a statement, the board says, "We care about diversity and inclusion."


CREA recently announced it is creating the field “Primary Bedroom” on Realtor.ca. This would allow MLS systems across the country to feed their “master bedroom” data field to this display name on the public portal.

Davelle Morrison


The Ontario Real Estate Association has created a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) to help create an action plan to eliminate racism and promote inclusion for everyone in the real estate industry.


The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) believes in a fair real estate market for all, one that is free of racism, discrimination and hate. We take this issue very seriously.


Approximately 10 days ago, we sent a message to our client community about the importance of educating ourselves on how to better take a stand against racism of any kind.