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Whenever I speak to real estate boards and brokers of record, I like to remind them that consumer protection is a shared responsibility between the provincial real estate regulator and the profession.


The key question is what is the most appropriate and profitable salesperson/client relationship?


Every day, real estate staging professionals struggle to maintain professional boundaries with real estate agents and their clients while delivering quality service and exceptional results.


There is such a thing as fierce customer loyalty. Even in our culture of choice and options. I know, because I am a loyal customer. So are my clients.


I get it. You’re busy. We’re all busy, but as real estate professionals one of the main lines of communication is through email and your etiquette tells a lot about you. Your reputation matters.


Real estate, for us, is not an occupation, it’s a lifestyle of helping and a mission of the heart. We serve. We protect. Defend. Empower. This is our creed.


You ever hear the phrase, “how you treat your waiter reveals a lot about you”? To me, the same goes for your receptionist, administrator and anyone else in your office.


They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most of the time, I agree.


Let’s dispel the myth about registrant complaints: we assess every complaint we receive, and we provide the same investigative effort regardless of who contacts us.


There is a lot of support within the real estate industry for weeding out unethical or unprofessional behaviour. Self-policing can’t replace public sector regulation, but it’s a welcome extra layer of consumer protection.