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Real estate, for us, is not an occupation, it’s a lifestyle of helping and a mission of the heart. We serve. We protect. Defend. Empower. This is our creed.


You ever hear the phrase, “how you treat your waiter reveals a lot about you”? To me, the same goes for your receptionist, administrator and anyone else in your office.


They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most of the time, I agree.


Let’s dispel the myth about registrant complaints: we assess every complaint we receive, and we provide the same investigative effort regardless of who contacts us.


There is a lot of support within the real estate industry for weeding out unethical or unprofessional behaviour. Self-policing can’t replace public sector regulation, but it’s a welcome extra layer of consumer protection.


We're seeing a steady rise in the willingness of clients to file complaints against agents for unprofessional behaviour. And worse, get a litigator involved.


To every one of you who have been hurt by a dishonest sales rep, we grieve with you and offer our humblest apologies. It makes us angry that our reputations are lumped in with the bad guys.


To be a successful agent, one need not be typical in their approach. Almost every good closer will tell you that they go above and beyond for their clients – not for themselves.


A client who is obsessed with the fee usually has little respect for you, your services or our profession. They should provide you with sufficient incentive to invest your time and effort on their behalf.


Everyone talks about a great culture, everyone says that they possess it, but in reality very few brokerages deliver. In order to have a winning or successful culture, first you must have a great leader.