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When buying or selling a home, we know that working with a regulated real estate professional is in the consumer's best interest. With that in mind, it’s important to reflect upon what defines professionalism in the industry.


We all understand that the residential part of the real estate business can create some very close relationships, but how close is too close?

RECO warns public about former broker


As pointed out in prior cases and articles published in REM, a professional, in order to be liable to a client, must breach a duty of care (skill, diligence, proper advice).


How do you get to the big leagues? Are you going to get up earlier each day, perhaps work out at the gym, consult a coach and be determined to be better than you were yesterday?


What one word uniquely identifies an unethical, self-serving and/or negligent real estate professional? We’ve all met Realtors who we feel should not have been licensed...


During the last four decades I have observed, with some chagrin, an increase in complaints about agents who are not exercising their due diligence and who are exhibiting a lack of professionalism.

real estate and divorce


At that long-ago conference, one of the keynote speakers – Gandalf the Grey perhaps – suggested the future of real estate would benefit greatly from divorce and the resulting new household formations.


In this digest of legal briefs, some case examples of the hazards of unprofessional conduct; a chartered accountant found to have been sending threatening emails, and a funeral director signing false embalming reports.


As you are aware (or should be) as a professional real estate broker/salesperson, there are professional duties that must be honoured at all times. These legal obligations are not just words or hearsay, and can be illustrated by events now taking place in the United States.