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You can gain tremendous trust with customers by simply following these five unwritten rules of customer confidentiality. Ignore them at your peril.


How is a real estate salesperson supposed to stand out from her competition online? It’s a question that webmasters and marketing assistants hear often and struggle to answer.


U.S. real estate listing website Zillow has arrived north of the border. Could this be the start of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) era? It’s unlikely.


Despite our fiercest battle cries to #deletefacebook, most of us won’t. Here are three things you can do on Facebook to help protect your privacy online.


Broker Martina Robinson filed the complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, alleging that her personal information was disclosed to the Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission without her consent


The issue of permitting virtual office websites (VOWs) to publicly display sold data – a property’s purchase history – is still before the courts. Just what would VOWs do with the disputed data if it was made public?


TREB is once again arguing that clients’ privacy rights will be breached if certain data is exposed on the Internet on virtual office websites (VOWs).


A Federal Court of Appeal judge says that TREB “has raised at least one serious issue with respect to the possibility that the tribunal’s order failed to take adequate consideration of property owners’ privacy rights.”


Make no mistake about this whole mess, the issue is about privacy. The private information of homeowners related to the most important thing that is in their possession, their home.