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Jas Takhar


Jas Takhar says, “My brand equity has shot through the roof” since he switched from traditional to online marketing.


The elements of the new marketing triangle are high touch, high tech and traditional media. Market exposure in one venue affects the performance of another that is downstream from the entry point in the network.



Think paper is dead? Think again, says David Greenspan. Millennials do not wake up and hug a tree every morning! Ninety-five per cert of them see paper messages as trustworthy.


During the past two weeks, 18 real estate salespeople sent printed flyers to our Toronto home. They all looked pretty much the same and delivered almost identical messages.

Broadcasting vs narrowcasting


Are you about to indulge in bombastic self-promotion with colossal photos and boastful, self-congratulatory slogans plastered everywhere? Or to encourage referrals and repeat clients, do you prefer to maintain a low-key style with regular contact?

Print Marketing


"Print marketing continues to be popular because agents intuit – correctly – that print drives local traffic to websites and delivers sales leads to email inboxes,” says Peyman Aleagha, chief executive and founder of WebsiteBox.