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It is not just a cliché; a picture really is worth a thousand words. A good photograph is possible nearly every time if you follow some of these do's and don'ts for better real estate photos.


Jimmy Chan and Sahil Jaggi, the winners of The Schulich School of Business at York University’s 2016 Start-Up Day, have launched their winning real estate services start-up, Odyssey3D.


Kodak recently announced the global launch of Kodakit, an on-demand photography service platform designed for businesses. It is available in 37 countries and 92 metropolitan areas, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.


There are many factors to take into consideration when renting out a spare room or an unoccupied residence. In order to find reliable tenants, they must go beyond just listing their property and hoping for the best.


A panel of three Ontario Divisional Court Judges have held that residential landlords are not permitted to photograph a property while it is occupied by a tenant unless the lease explicitly permits it.

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Most times I could rely on my silver tongue to assure homeowners that the picture they were looking at was absolutely their own home and not a battered four-drawer lateral filing cabinet recovered from a riverbed.

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There’s a new tool in town for real estate listings – 3D photography. The pictures taken by this camera are walk-through inspired video listing photos. Think Google Earth inside the home.

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Homes that have been professionally photographed are the key to faster sales in real estate, according to a report by the RedFin Research Centre. We spoke with professional photographer John Cameron and asked him for his do's and don't's for real estate photography.