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Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board


Many agents come to our office with this problem. The agent has executed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale while there is a tenant on the premises and the purchaser wants vacant possession.


The standard form lease tries to be all things to all people and ends up being suitable for no one. Because it tries to be generic enough to fit all tenancy situations, it ends up fitting no tenancy situations.


If you don’t know the laws related to residential tenancy, I can almost guarantee that you as a Realtor or landlord will become a victim of it.


Ontario’s recent “Rent Fairness Act” continues the brutal, gratuitous, dystopian, anti-landlord legislation meted out by short-sighted, vote-pandering politicians who have persecuted landlords for decades.


A recent decision demonstrates just how easy it is for residential tenants to game the system and live rent free.


Effective Sept. 6, the Ontario government implemented changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 2006 to benefit tenants who are victims of sexual or domestic violence, by allowing them to end a lease early.


A panel of three Divisional Court judges in Ontario has overturned a decision of the Landlord and Tenant Board (LLTB) and ruled that a landlord is prohibited from terminating the tenancy relationship with his tenant until she dies.


An Ontario Superior Court Judge has expressed his hope that legislative changes will be made to stop tenants from "gaming the system". The facts of the case are straightforward and rather appalling.


A panel of three Ontario Divisional Court Judges have held that residential landlords are not permitted to photograph a property while it is occupied by a tenant unless the lease explicitly permits it.