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Avoiding the traffic and trying to find parking is enough to make anyone stay home or work in a local coffee shop. I’m here to tell you the four main benefits as to why you should work from your office. 


You work diligently with staging professionals and others to scrutinize every detail of the properties you represent. Why would you give almost no thought to what your own office looks like?

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Virtual office space and co-working spaces are becoming much more popular, especially among real estate companies. Kane Willmott, co-founder of IQ Office Suites in Toronto, says he knows what it’s like to be an agent in search of a place to work.


Toronto's Bay Street and Calgary's 8th Avenue top the list of Canada's most expensive places to rent office space, according to JLL ranking. Landing in the top three average asking rents this year are Toronto at $68.52 per square foot; 8th Avenue SW, Calgary at $59.06 per square foot; and Burrard Street, Vancouver at $58.87 per square foot.