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Your client has said the offer is unacceptable. Now, while the buyer’s agent relaxes in the other room, it’s time to strategize.


If you’re representing a buyer, I caution you to be selective about the information you share; don’t gab too much.


I’ve witnessed all sorts of presentation styles, most of them appallingly amateurish. I’ll delve a little further into the subject, sometimes somewhat bluntly.


Nowadays, it’s common practice for listing agents to refuse the buyer’s rep the opportunity to participate in the presentation. They insist that offers be faxed or emailed. In my opinion, that’s a mistake – a big one.


Unfortunately, due diligence is perhaps best approached with the belief that the vendor is trying to hide something from you. Because of this, it's wise to go in knowing your answer to the following questions.


Whether it’s in the commercial or residential world, negotiating is always a messy process that leaves copious amounts of room for mistakes. Can you use a mistake to get out of a bad deal?



When it comes to negotiations, some people will tell you it’s all in your head. Others will say it’s all in the dialogue. But Michael Krisa says no, it’s all in the heart. Watch this video for more.


A prospective seller asks you to lower your usual professional fee. How do you handle this increasingly common tactic? Do you charge the same rate as you normally offer to pay a co-operating brokerage, say half of the total rate?

keep your sales repsvideo


Here are five steps designed to help you successfully negotiate your commission. Learning to communicate your value to potential buyers and sellers has never been more crucial to your bottom line.


More than 300 agents from Macdonald Realty in Vancouver – more than half of the brokerage’s sales force – have received the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation.