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Municipal Land Transfer Tax


Keep in mind that home buyers get absolutely no benefit from paying the tax. It is simply a cash grab at a time when buyers typically are under the financial pressure that accompanies a move.



As a result of recent announcements by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, change is coming to the real estate industry and real estate agents and their clients must be prepared to adapt.


The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is raising concerns about a new proposal calling for the City of Toronto to increase its Municipal Land Transfer Tax on the most expensive properties.


The Commercial Real Estate Industry Coalition in Toronto will participate in the city's consultations on new revenue tools, contending new taxes would hurt economic competitiveness.

Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT)


Ontario’s provincial government has decided it will not extend the power to charge a Municipal Land Transfer Tax to municipalities outside of Toronto, where it already exists.

Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT)


The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing plans to give every municipality province wide the power to charge a Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT), says the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).