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Here are seven of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home, and what many home buyers wish they had known ahead of time but often learn too late.


A commitment to the right (or wrong) mortgage can last for years and years, and will have a serious impact your finances. Here are the key factors your clients must consider.


With the federal election now in full swing, Realtor associations from Canada’s largest real estate markets have launched a campaign to “make home ownership more accessible to people across the country.”


For many, saving for a down payment is one of the biggest roadblocks to becoming a homeowner.


In cases where the failure to close the transaction was due to the buyer being unable to secure financing because their bank/financial institution refused to fund, this proved a lot trickier for those transactions.

Tim Hudak


The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is calling on the federal government to “reverse detrimental policy changes that... have made it harder for families to borrow responsibly in order to purchase a home.”


This is just the kind of well-meaning yet profoundly dumb political interference that I thought we were paying CREA to talk the government out of.

An artist’s rendering of the Matrix development.


Calgary builder Harold Sicherman is offering buyers a new set of down payment and mortgage incentives for millennials at the Matrix in Mission.


The good news is that mortgage rates are unlikely to go higher this year in Canada. The bad news is a lack of interest rate hikes indicates the Canadian economy is slowing down.


Federal policy changes designed to cool housing prices and demand continue to impact housing markets across Canada with cascading consequences and pressures, says a new report by Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC).