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Attend more trade shows in 2016


Here is something that’s critical for you to do for the year ahead: plan on attending the most important trade shows in the real estate industry. All trade shows are important, especially one that is held in your locality.


I think the whole key in going to seminars or conferences, in addition to meeting and renewing old acquaintances, is to take away four to five ideas that you can actually use and to pass these ideas to agents.


If I had a nickel for every minute I have sat through meetings for work or with various community organizations, I swear I would be a millionaire. I am so wary of meetings now that when people ask me to come out, my first thought is to find a way to not attend.


Sometimes we have prospects on our list who are long past their best before date! Continuing to work with those prospects may not be injurious to our health, but doing so certainly can be injurious to our sales results.