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Do you want more buyer’s agency agreements signed? Check out this idea. Most real estate salespeople have a marketing plan for their sellers – a list of things that answer the question, “What will you do to sell my home?”


Don’t get me wrong – lifestyle videos are an incredible tool for the right property – but any agent can incorporate lifestyle marketing into their approach for any property regardless of the marketing budget they have.

Glenn McQueenie


“I wrote the book to reach other agents across the country who are not with my brokerages, but who really want great training and are happy at their brokerage,” says Glenn McQueenie, who is offering his 68-page book to readers for free.

Sandy Point Estate


Marketing a luxury property is as different as marketing an oil refinery, farm or airport, and the owner and listing agent should be prepared for a potentially long sales cycle, possibly years.


As a real estate professional in today’s digital world, building your brand is what will increase your exposure, attract clients and grow your business. If you’re not doing anything to build your brand, you’re giving up control of a powerful way to increase your earnings.

Broadcasting vs narrowcasting


Are you about to indulge in bombastic self-promotion with colossal photos and boastful, self-congratulatory slogans plastered everywhere? Or to encourage referrals and repeat clients, do you prefer to maintain a low-key style with regular contact?

Dan St. Yves


At a time when “viral” wasn’t even a thing yet, my innocent ad gained considerable notoriety among my colleagues and several clients, who took great amusement with that image. My vine days are behind me now. My cautionary tale with marketing is: get a second opinion before you swing full-steam ahead.


My late mother gave me this advice many years ago when it came to gossip: “If you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing at all.” Wise words. I imagine many of you heard the same advice growing up.

Truth about SEO


Real estate professionals across the country are confused about search engine optimization (SEO) – and rightfully so! Very few brokers and salespeople actually know what it is, or – more importantly – how it is accomplished.

Print Marketing


"Print marketing continues to be popular because agents intuit – correctly – that print drives local traffic to websites and delivers sales leads to email inboxes,” says Peyman Aleagha, chief executive and founder of WebsiteBox.