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Aerial view of Toronto cityscape showing Downtown buildings on a sunny day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


I fear that the Big Apple’s reversal of fate will happen to Toronto if we rely upon property taxes as a solution without understanding the full impact of such a levy.

Michael Bourque, left, and Evan Siddall


In a column published by the National Post in December, CREA CEO Michael Bourque wrote that government bears much of the blame for the housing market imbalance of rising prices and lagging supply.


If the 2019 housing market could be summed up in one word, it would be “rebound” – most of Canada's major urban markets saw sustained improvement in sales and price growth in the second half of the year.



In this video, Richard Robbins takes a deep dive into September sales, price and inventory numbers in the Greater Toronto Area.



Are you concerned about Amazon stepping into the real estate market? Maybe you are wondering how it will affect you and your business.


A new survey released by BMO says first-time home buyers generally have a positive outlook on the housing market.


Due to the growing number of seniors who are moving closer to family, people over 55 are slowly taking over the urban spaces that used to be the millennials' playground.


The last few months of national, provincial and municipal housing stats suggest there is a slump in housing sales. Is this the bursting of the housing bubble? Or is it simply because real estate is expensive?


The good news is that mortgage rates are unlikely to go higher this year in Canada. The bad news is a lack of interest rate hikes indicates the Canadian economy is slowing down.


Fifty-two per cent of single Canadians said economic uncertainty and expensive home prices are the biggest factors in their decision not to purchase a home, according to a recent Re/Max survey conducted by Leger.