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This week’s video focuses on helping you set a listing appointment with someone you know is selling their home in the near future.



Watch this video to find out the ideal way to handle listing price objection. Richard Robbins says the second most common objection on a listing appointment is list price. We’ve all encountered sellers who want to list their home too high or at a price that is higher than what the market may bear to “see what happens.”

when real estate price reduction


Often the seller refuses to reduce their price, even though no buyer has shown significant interest. Now what to do? Your next strategy should be to ask some tough questions.

listing typo


The kitchen seems to be a particularly popular room when it comes to real estate bloopers. For example: “The reno’d kitchen offers a large butler’s style panty prep space.” I’m sure the butler appreciates that. It’s always good to have a place to prepare your panties.

3d photography


There’s a new tool in town for real estate listings – 3D photography. The pictures taken by this camera are walk-through inspired video listing photos. Think Google Earth inside the home.

John Cameron


Homes that have been professionally photographed are the key to faster sales in real estate, according to a report by the RedFin Research Centre. We spoke with professional photographer John Cameron and asked him for his do's and don't's for real estate photography.

Listing presentation


Looking for tips for listing presentations? Here's three quick tips from Jerry Bresser: What to ask for, making every word count, and "the $5,000 ticket".

pricing a property accurately


Listing and selling property efficiently requires several components. One of the fundamental keys is to price the property accurately. Not too high, not too low but in the middle to help the client get the most money possible.