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A study by the National Association of Realtors Center for Realtor Development found homes with high-quality photography sell 32 per cent faster. (Photo: Suzanne Rushton)


It’s not exactly a newsflash that along with staging, photography plays a powerful role in promoting your listings and your business. Yet for real estate professionals, the expectations have ramped up twofold.

The raging popularity of Pokémon Go has inspired some agents to jump on the gaming bandwagon. (Photo by Sadie Hernandez)


Forget the Tim’s gift cards, Air Miles and freshly baked cookies at open houses. Real estate agents are going to extreme lengths to sell homes.


This opens the door to people choosing their homes based upon lifestyle criteria rather than location. I much prefer to work from my ski chalet rather than my city home.


Don’t get me wrong – lifestyle videos are an incredible tool for the right property – but any agent can incorporate lifestyle marketing into their approach for any property regardless of the marketing budget they have.

lifestyle video


Morrison created a lifestyle video for a 5,400-plus-square-foot home she recently listed. She hired an actor to play the role of Dad and two 11-year-old girls to be his daughters and then filmed the “family” at home.